2021 Races & Rides -- Go or No?

Yes, they did…and speaking for my own region only, I don’t see most event infrastructure – from permits to insurance to sponsors et al – coming back online and in-step within the next few months in order to run an event, let alone a competent form of racing. From my location, travel is a major factor, so… :man_shrugging:t2:

In the States, with the huge array of independent/differing governance, it could very well be much different, and much different for the various disciplines, like CX. And, as is already currently happening, seems to be quite a few non-sanctioned racing going on in the still-warm parts of the world.

Jan/Feb could be the bifurcation: back to Base or forward to Build… :thinking:

You know, or should as an adult, that there is a middle ground between acting like a petulant child, willfully intermingling with people, knowingly raising the risk of transmitting a deadly disease, and ‘hiding in a cabin.’

That middle ground is, of course, to stop complaining about public health laws, and get on board and follow them. Like responsible citizens generally do in every other first world country. That is the true definition of selflessness and patriotism - acting in a way to benefit society; IE your neighbors, your family, your community, your country.

The most important thing to remember right now for everyone is the decisions of the individual have an effect on EVERYONE. This concept of “I can do what I want” is a giant load of BS. That has never been the case before, and it applies even more now during the pandemic.