2021 Goals/Resolutions

Mentally distance myself from work stress when I’m not working.
Ramp test ftp 300 watts (currently 281). 4 w/kg (currently 3.7)
300 hours on the bike, 400 hours exercising
Get some real Z2 volume in during Jan/Feb
Place middle of the pack in sport class for local mtb events
Figure out cyclocross upgrade system and move up from Cat 5.
Don’t eat food off the floor even a single time.

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Spend more time on kindness and joy and less on worry
Complete a TR base-build- smash as many races as I can phase
Do my first triathlon (off road)
Eat a Cornetto
Go to the Winchester


I started tracking mine at the end of November, so one month in! Roughly on pace, but it’s a long road ahead :slight_smile:


You got it. Need some easily achievable goals. It came to me yesterday, as I was making popcorn for my kids with an air popper. The popcorn always goes flying, and some always ends up on the kitchen floor. I’ll usually just eat it because I don’t like to waste food, but it is really just nasty. Anyway, 12 hours into 2021 and I’m on track so far.

Keep the streak alive! Also this:

Apologies for the detour!

  • Be a good husband and Dad.
  • 3.7 w/kg (ideally something like 290w and 79kg). I’ll be extra happy if I get to a 300w ramp test.
  • Find a solution to my recurring issues with leg cramps which wrecked some of my big rides in 2019-20.
  • Continue to make improvements in nutrition, more fruits & veg, less processed.
  • Branch out into mountain biking.
  • Plan and execute more all-out efforts to focus on and train toward.

I’m not going to say 5.0 w/kg as I’m not sure thats attainable for me this season. Last year I went from 4.19 to 4.55, and now can hold 4.5 for 45+ minutes straight. My goal for 2021 is to continue that improvement. I’m honestly not sure if I should put a number on it or not.

Also: compete in an outdoor event!! And, ya’ know, be a great family member and all that stuff. :slight_smile:


One thing I have learned from seeing lots of end-of-year stats is that there is a decent correlation between how much someome rides, and how good they are.

So, the aim for 2021 is to spend more time on the bike! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


While lots of people disagree with Seiler’s polarized approach (especially for cycling), his “Hierarchy of Endurance Training Needs” has always made sense to me:



Late to the party here but here goes mine:
Process goals:

-Eat better…no doughnuts
-stay consistent with longer ride on the weekends
-commit to going through a plan of sorts, Looking seriously at a block periodisation schedule for this year

  • Train smarter and less volume than in years past (i say this every year) I put in 9600 miles and 724 hours (less on the bike…per veloviewer), More focused HITT, lifting and big dedicated miles, less junk miles. People that are much faster than me put in much less time.
    -find a big A event

End results…

-Drop down to 155 lbs from 165ish
-hit 300 watt ftp (255-270ish now) and consistent 4w/kg
-podium in a cross race and/or a MTB XO or XM
-move up to cat 2 in cross
-be a good dad, employee, husband and son throughout it all (relationships are sacrificed with our selfish hobby, realize this that its JUST a hobby and focus on what matters.) I’ve been marginal at all that this year and need to strive to be a better person.


Love this one!


Main ones for me

  • Make better food/snack/drink choices
  • Introduce some structure

What I am looking for is to eat less processed food, drink less drinks containing calories. Poor snacking and extra beers here and there gradually stacked on a few kgs over 2020, so hopefully this change will get me back down in weight a little. I thought I could just ride more to keep weight down, turns out eventually bad diet catches up anyway

I have worked from home full time since 2017, group riding is pretty much my only social outlet. I do group rides 4-5 days a week or so, which is not conducive to structured training at all. I am over 4w/kg off group riding, so I am keen to back down from some of that for 6 months, introduce some more structure and see where I can get to

Final one is complete my 200km TT. Crashed on Xmas Eve starting out the Festive 500 whilst attempting a 200km TT ride. Once I am healed up fully I will do that ride, lol

Not setting any race goals this year, as don’t want to prepare for something specifically until I know it is going to happen.

  • 400w for 20 minutes (best was 393w in spring 2020)
  • Hit 1700w (best was 1630w in December 2020) - think my sprint power and ftp have an inverse correlation though, so may need to forget this one
  • Make more time to ride my new MTB, and go ride at some trails centres with friends once that is viable here in the UK. Push myself outside of my comfort zone and improve my skills
  • Lift weights twice a week and stick to my strength programme
  • Do a 300km ride :crazy_face: and make time for some more epic rides with friends. After all, they’re what you remember best, not some crit race where you scraped a podium :joy:
  • stay healthy and injury free. be vigilant with handwashing and facemask use. stay on top of stretching and don’t train through any minor injuries

Great numbers.