2016 Crux on a Kickr Core - 135x12 TA

My 2016 Crux has the rare 135x12 TA rear. My trainer is a Kickr Core, and it only offers 142/148 TA, or 130/135 QR applications. Does anybody know of a custom solution to fit my 135 TA?

(I’ve been unknowingly stretching the rear triangle over the 142 TA setup. Doh! No damage done but i definitely don’t want to do that anymore.)

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Try Wahoo support. They might have something. I’ve heard of some folks with the SCS bits getting some adapters. I don’t know if they still have them.

That aside, you’ve got that SCS bodge (130mm hub with 135mm OLD). You might have issues if you have either the non-SCS hanger add-on to use 135mm hubs or the SCS one for SCS hubs. I’ve long stopped paying attention to this one, and all my friends have dumped their bikes.