2000kms (virtual) & chain is almost worn :(

I am using a 11 speed shimano 105 system and I was told that you don’t have any grit or debris indoors so your chain must last really long. Now it is almost at 0.5(using the park tools chain checker 3.2) and I am pretty much due for a new chain :frowning:

Does ERG mode really expedite chain wear? and what type of riding expedites chain wear in general? I clean my chain with a microfiber cloth and re-lube it regularly so maintenance wise it seems to be going well.

Do you cross chain in Erg?

yes I do cross chain

So cross chaining won’t help, also, what sort of state is the cassette and chainrings as if they’re badly worn then the chain will wear out even quicker.

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Keep in mind a couple of things:

  1. There is little to no coasting inside, which leads to “more load” on the chain vs the same “distance” outside. We are likely loading the chain more consistently compared to on/off and coasting that are more common outside.
  2. If you are using ERG, your gearing can skew the “distance” recorded and reported to apps like Strava. Low gearing will lead to “low mileage”, while the opposite is true for high gearing. This matters because you may be using a small ring and lower gear, getting “lower mileage” that is actually more wear than the same outside.

Have you degreased and washed the chain clean?

If not perhaps the inside has become effectively a grinding paste and is accelerating wear?

Not withstanding the above comments

To clarify, the chain checker slides in only if I give it some force and I was talking about zwift miles. Most of my TR workouts are in the small ring and my endurance rides are in the big ring. Should I replace my chain once the CC 3.2 fully slides into the chain without applying any force at 0.5 or should I wait until it reaches 0.75?

Some say for 11 speed the chain needs to be replaced at 0.5 wear and some say that the chain’s maximum limit is 0.75 so you can ride upto that point.

Waxing is superior.

Change my mind.

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If you run in erg mode then you’re putting all the wear on a single cog of the cassette, so that cog will wear quicker which in turn will wear out the chain quicker.

Sweat may also be a factor, can be pretty corrosive.

My trainer bike doesn’t get ridden outside any more so I’m not bothered about the increased risk of a worn chain breaking. And I run 100% in erg mode so don’t care about shifting. So I tend to let the chain get to 0.75. Or worse… Only downside of doing so for me is extra wear on the cog I’m using, but since I have 9 other cogs that are basically unused then even that’s not really a big deal.