20 to 25 watts difference?

Hello, I use a K.K. road machine. I have a Quarq cinqo (recently serviced) I have notice a difference of 20 to 25 watts between the virtual power and the power meter. Is this normal? The + goes to the virtual.

I think my Quark and Elite Directo are something like this. Just use power match so haven’t tested it in a while.

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My road machine was +40

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Virtual power might as well show you a number of unique ponies. As long as it’s consistent it doesn’t matter for training, but if you want to compare with others it’s useless.


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When are people going to realise that even if there’s a difference between the numbers on virtual compared to a proper powermeter it makes no difference. You haven’t overnight lost fitness. Consistency > accuracy


That’s cat 2 power right there.

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I am trying to get an Idea on which is this difference is a normal or if my power meter is acting up. Thank you for your reply

Expect a difference. Don’t worry about it. You’re still as strong. Just keep training and getting stronger.

I have a 25-35 watt difference between my avio crank power meter and my tacx flux. The critical thing is that the difference is constant across effort, it doesnt matter what the number is* as long as it is consistent and repeatable.

*apart from ego… is my ftp 235 or 270? :slight_smile:

Remember that virtual power consistency also relies heavily on having your setup the same each time, tire pressure and tension against the trainer - both of those will affect the difference you see in virtual power vs a power meter.

I have a Quarq dzero on my MTB, and currently only use virtual power on my KK rock n roll for TR, I’m sure they are a few watts off but not 20+… RPE is pretty consistent between zones and races NP/AP/IF is usually slightly low from what I might expect if it was an exact match…but pretty darn close.

It’s been a number of years since I used my KK, but my “FTP” dropped about 30 watts when I switched from the Kurt Kinetic VP to a Kickr.

Out of interest, is your Flux the higher or lower value? I ask because my Flux dropped me 50w after going from zwift power to smart, I’d hate to lose another 50 to a power meter!

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The tacx is lower, you can see a comparison I did here



Mine is more watts on virtual power than power meter.

This is quite normal. I’d almost always trust an actual power meter over any trainer derived power, no matter how good the trainer claims to be. The trainer should read slightly lower due to drivetrain friction losses… probably around 2-5% depending on drivetrain condition.

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