2 weeks before race

Just a quick question, my workout plan end 2 weeks before my 94km road race and wondered what workouts I should do in that 2 weeks to get me ready or atleast keep me fit. At the moment Im doing the century plan with alot of Threshold work

Thank you

Ideally you’d end Specialty leading into your race. However, since you have 2 weeks to play with, you could repeat weeks 7 and 8 of the Century plan. That being said, listen to your body. If week 7 is too much and/or week 8 is not enough, adjust intensity or the workouts accordingly (read the TIPS in the Century Specialty Plan). I’d be careful adding too much the week of the race though as it’s better to be a lite too fresh than a little too fatigued going into a big race.

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General rule is to maintain the intensity and start ditching some volume. probably don’t need to do a full on two week taper if you haven’t planned it but I would just progressively drop volume in the next couple of weeks, keep the same intensity but start doing shorter and shorter rides.