2 Hour PR attempt

Hi all,

Tomorrow I’m aiming to hold 300W for 2 hours @62.5~ Kg (FTP 338W)

I’m debating what would be the best way to approach this and want the opinions of others, I’ve worked out a few combinations I could try:

3 x 30min @320W - 5min recovery @190W - last interval only 15mins
3 x 35min @320W - 5min recovery @190W
4 x 26min @320W - 4min recovery @190W

Any other suggestions?

Is there any reasons you aren’t just trying 1x120min @ 300W?


I’d like to have a “break” at some point in the attempt and the way the resistance works on my trainer I can establish a more comfortable cadence @320W compared to 300W

Personally I’d just do Polar Bear+1 and turn up the intensity a bit, or create a custom workout. You’ll probably find you don’t need a break at all. The undulations make it a little more interesting and give you the occasional few mins of respite.

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What have you done for intervals so far at 320 W?

Of the three I’d do the 3 x 35. On the 3 x 30 + 15 I’d get to the last 15 minute interval and think “this is stupid, I should’ve done 3 x 35”. 4 x 26 might be more manageable depending on what you’ve done recently.

I’d do 1 x 120 outside at 300 over any of the choices laid out.

Whatever you do, smash it.

I would just do 10min blocks at 305 and every 10min drop resistance for 15-30 sec

Make sure you eat, thats like 1050 cal and hour

Thanks for the feedback!!

Yeah, I find it easier to maintain power outside but like the lack of external influences that come with indoor training.

I’ve previously done 4 x 20 @330W outside but feel a lot fitter now.


Yeah, i’ve done workouts before where i’ve gone through 950/hr for 3 hours with fairly little fuel although I have a good strategy planned for the effort.

60g of carbs an hour is the goal

A good way to do big efforts like this is to progressively do workouts where you hold the same watts for a longer period of time. So if you recently did 4 x 20min at 330w (a consistent 330w), then you should be able to do 320w for a longer period of time without too much difficulty.

Try 3 x 35min at 320w and see how it goes. If you can complete the first interval without being destroyed, you should be golden. However if you start to fade after 20 mins, you may have to adjust the duration of the following intervals.

Get a good warmup in too so that those energy systems are all firing by the time you hit the first interval.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the ultimate goal is to accumulate ~105 total minutes of work at 320w with ~15 mins of recovery at 190w (give or take, to hit 2 hours total) wouldn’t it always be physically easiest to break it up into the smallest amounts possible? Disgarding unrealistic scenarios where you’re constantly accelerating and decelerating to pace.

In other words, wouldn’t 5 x [7 minutes of 320w + 1 minute of 190w] be easier than 35 mins of 320w and 5 mins of 190w? If you’re just looking for the psychological benefit of not having to hold an exact straight pace for 2 hours, then why not break it up more like that?


Depends - for example for me 8x10 is way more mentally challenging than 4x20 due number of intervals. When I finish first one and see 7 to go it is pretty discouraging. Not to mention these long efforts have their own flow, after 10 min I am zoning out. That is why mentally for me I much prefer 30 min than 10 - it is less choppy.


@mattBLiTZ @jarsson I think both approaches have their upsides both from a mental and a physiological perspective. I’m probably going to stick with the longer interval because I find it “easier” to settle into a rythym. :+1:

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I am interested to see the result no matter how you hit this effort. Get after it! And good luck sir.

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Fwiw, I’ve done workouts like 30 x 8 minutes and silly stuff like that, and always found it lovely. Definitely could see how mentally some people struggle with that, but on the flip side, being able to look at a lap counter and almost always have that “phew I’m almost done with this interval, I get a break soon” feeling can be a huge mental boost for me. Nothing is worse than being tired, looking at time remaining, and seeing a massive number that doesn’t feel doable!


Thanks mate!! The previous PR was in a race where I held 292 so as long as I beat that I’m happy :smiley:

I did it!!!

Even had a power drop out on the second interval :joy:


@jarsson @mattBLiTZ @robcumine @Kuttermax @ABG @Trippy @4ibanez @mwglow15

Cheers for the tips :smiley: :+1:


Awesome work!

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Well done. Just saw your weight - that’s a very impressive FTP :+1:

Thanks, think I’ll probably be taking a rest fay tomorrow :sleeping: