(2) 30 minute workouts

Most of my day job has me in a nearly closed off room with little airflow tossing around drums of hazardous waste. (This is what happens when one doesn’t apply themselves in college :rofl:).

Conditions are hot, muggy and I’m dead tired when I get home…good part is that it’s usually only 5 hours a day.

I was thinking on a 30 minute workout before work then another 30 minute workout after a shower and a long nap (which I’m usually still exhausted).

Thoughts? Anyone do two TR workouts in one day?

Anything is possible… But I think you get better adaptations from longer uninterrupted sessions on the saddle.

Maybe a WO and an endurance ride might do the trick…

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If you’re exhausted after work then you might not reap the benefits of a workout if it’s remotely hard. Could you aim for an hour in the morning and just perform one workout a day?

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I’ve worked insanely hard jobs, and then no energy to work out. Even more difficult when I was out of shape, virtually impossible.

I did all my workouts late at night, just before bed. I’d get off work and be lazy for hours, eat dinner, then get out the door for a run late at night before going to bed. With fitness I was able to be less lazy and run more, but it took time.

If you are struggling I wouldn’t stress too much about the gains and work on the consistency of riding/workouts. When you can find what works for you then you can more easily figure out what kind of workouts will work.

Give it a try. You do what you have to do.