1L bike bottles

First impressions:

Elite Fly

The opening is nice and large, it is very easy to put ice into the bottle. The fit in my Elite bottle cages is perfect. The Flys are indeed very squeezable, but the nozzle always closed prematurely and often would not reinflate because of that. That was super annoying. I had to make a conscious effort to keep to nozzle in my mouth and keep it open.

Elite Jet

The opening is much narrower, which made it harder to put in ice. And it would have been an issue had I put drink mix into this bottle as well. The cap is different and not interchangeable with the Flys. Again, annoying if you have a fleet of bottles. The funny thing is that the nozzle is slightly less prone to closing inadvertently, although not perfect. The bulbous top not just makes the bottle look much more ungainly than the sleek 1 l Fly, I noticed that the bottle sits a bit off kilter, tilted a bit to the left or the right.

I reckon I will need to adapt how I drink. But I definitely like having 1 liter per bottle. I go through a lot of liquid when training indoors during the summer.

Last night it was 90F / 32C when I started 2x15-min tempo intervals with 10-min recovery.

Really rough roads and I might have had one spurt from the downtube bottle onto my right leg. Or it was sweat. A lot of sweat dripping onto the top tube last night during the second interval when it happened. Not much airflow / evaporative cooling with a tailwind.

I hate getting sugar water on my bike and legs from the spurting / burping / geysering of my 24oz Podium Chill bottles. Locked or unlocked. So if the Voda had 1 spurt in 90 minutes, that would be a huge improvement.

Report back! Also @Nate_Pearson it’s time TR made some quality branded 1 litre bottles. They’ll sell like rice cakes!


I purchased these for an ultra race. Needed something I could write on with a sharpie and I didn’t care if the only lasted 26 hours (25 was enough).

I still have 5 of the 6 so they lasted longer than I thought they would. Their main failing is the colored lid is brittle so if you drop them on a hard surface the lid can crack.

I posted my impressions here. I really like the extra volume, especially in the hot, humid Japanese summer I reckon I don’t want to miss that extra 0.6 l of liquid (as compared to two 700 ml bottles).

They don’t seem any better than the Zefal bottles. The search continues. :confused:

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I had experimented with bottles for years. All of them leak except for one brand - TACX bottles with a screw on caps. These caps do not leak if you tight them well. I know this sounds impossible, but this is true. And no, this is not an advertisement. I am not getting paid by TACX. Unfortunately I am not sure if they have 1L bottles.

I haven’t noticed my bottles ever leaking. I have stuck to either polar or. Camelback bottles.I ride moderately smooth roads so don’t know if that makes any difference. These days I use 24 ounce insulated bottles. Always white.

I like using the Elite Jet 950ml bottles on very long rides. I discovered one problem of using such large bottles on gravel / rough trails is that the rivets on my Trek Crockett frame didn’t like it. They got loose a couple of times and I had to press the rivets at home. I will eventually need to replace the rivets with new ones at some point because of this.

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I have used the Smartwater out of the bottle. It fits most cages perfectly and is a litre, or more. They leak if the lid isn’t locked down though. Properly closed, they aren’t bad. Adding pills to them requires mashing them up though, but I usually use them straight, no chaser.

Maybe use a back hydration system, or one that mounts to the handlebars? I used a CamelBak, and usually ended up tossing the bladder at the end of the season. Maybe use the Profile seat water bottle rack? Also at one point I was using a metal bottle cage I stretched out for the BIG Core brand water bottles on my MTB. Same issue with leaking, or stopping to drink. On a day like this, here today, I can see being a dehydrated mess in no time if I ran out of water. Good luck…

Ha looks like we just figured out where my hospital system gets in contrast bottles…

I really hope for you that it doesn’t say “urology” in big, bold, blue letters when you turn the bottle … :rofl: :joy:

Hahahaha maybe I should change my water flavoring to something less suspect

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Why? Did you get your hyper- and hyponeutrimia drink mixes mixed up again.

I swear, this is going to be the last one.

Edit: Autocorrect borked the joke.

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Maybe. I have a friend who bought some deuterium oxide just to take a swig. He decided to save the ensuing urine because heavy water is expensive (and, as you might already have guessed, his world is just different than ours). All he had was an apple juice container. Dangerous game…dangerous game…


That sounds unwise. I’m a mathematical physicist, not a chemist, but the chemical properties of deuterium must be very different of that of the regular hydrogen isotope (as the mass is literally doubled).

A few more thoughts on the Jet bottle. I brought it along for two outdoor rides. The extra capacity was very much welcome. But since it is not insulated, the contents warmed up much more quickly than the contents of my Camelbak Podium Chill. That was to be expected.

I also used it on one more trainer ride, and I am slowly getting used to the turtle-like nozzle that wants to immediately withdraw back into its shell. Still, the extra capacity is a huge boon. I can now pack carbs for 90 minutes into two bottles, 120 minutes if I used two 1 liter bottles.

And drinking from the Jet still feels great when stationary. The flow rate feels essentially infinite, i. e. you get the volume of water that you squeeze in an instant. The Camelbak and Specialized nozzles feel like they are obstructed in comparison.

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Took it on a major climb two days ago. This was my 3rd bottle climbing from elevation 2500 feet up to 7800 feet. The Trek Voda bottle was fine until I went to pull it out around 6000 feet, and then it burped some Roctane sugar water on my bike and hand. Ugh.

To be fair, also had a couple of cliff bars and the packaging had blown up like a balloon! Thought the cliff bar was going to explode if I pulled it out of my pocket, they were that inflated from the change in elevation.


Did Tour De Big Bear on the weekend. Sea level to 7000’ and my silca wax exploded out of my glue bottle. lol


Right? LOL

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