16 weeks of zone 2 training, now where?

After 12 weeks of zone 2 training what plan should I choose?

It depends

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Depends on my goals? Or what are you thinking?

With the absence of additional information.

Sweet Spot Base

Just zone 2? Any intensity?

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Depends on why you just did what you did, what goals you have (events, fitness, etc.) and any other background that may drive the direction that could be right for you now.

  • You have given almost no info on what you want to do, so any specific guidance shared is about like throwing darts at a board in a pitch black room.

At best, pointing you towards Plan Builder is the only thing to do without further details.

and facing the wrong way

I have been training with TR zone 2 using the base phase. The first four weeks were low volume, the second four weeks were mid volume, and the third four weeks or high volume. I wanted to increase my overall endurance, has improved since starting the phases. There were some sweet spot and a couple of VO2 sessions included
I am weight training three days a week. On Monday I doTrap bar DL and bench. Wednesday is Squat and Rows and Friday is hip thrusts and miscellaneous lifts. I also include mobility and and core exercises 3 days a week.
I would like to increase my VO2 max and add additional sweet spot training as well.

Good info that gives the background and direction needed. I’ll leave that to those best equipped to offer suggestions, with one note:

This means the TR Traditional Base as opposed to Sweet Spot Base or other external options.

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I would just open up PlanBuilder, put in the date of my next event, and see what it cranks out. If I like what I see, jobs a good un. If not…move some things around, see if you can make them work. If it still won’t work maybe come back to this thread and have a think.

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