14 days of free time

And horrible weather forecast. How can i maximise my indoor training to get the Most out of it?

Need more information … can’t give any advice without knowing your goals, likes/dislikes, training history…

Maybe something Like sustained build Plan. 2 hour everyday. At least my ftp should stay the same :sunglasses: the last weeks i was riding oudoors, maybe 8 hour per week, 500 to 600 tss.

My usual sunday ride

It seems a bit more hilly where you live compared to where I live :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You haven’t said if you have any particular aims?

If you want to replicate those sustained climbs while you’re riding indoors, then I’d suggest just using Train Now and see what it suggests each day… there are plenty of new workouts in the library now, so there’s lots of variety.

Thats my Problem. After a few rides/days train now is recommendIng endurance all the time. That makes sense in “normal” Times…
Not a big ptoblem, maybe im choosing climbing/attacking every day💪

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Yeah … If you know from experience that you can handle a higher load, then just choose something different …


If I had 14 days without work or significant time factors, I’d try to set up a custom 14 day plan… I’d definitely go higher volume than normal for most of the days, even accounting for “recovery” days.

I’d steadily ramp up intensity and/or volume through those 14 days, so that my last day would leave me absolutely smoked… maybe twice the normal volume with the same (volume of) intensity for that day of the week. Maybe three low-volume, low intensity days as “recovery” days since I’m not a high volume pro, but want to maintain the momentum.

Given that my normal workout is a 55-75 minute ride, I’d try make my normal ride a 95-120+ ride with most of the same intensity of the TR “planned” workout. You get longer rides in than me, if that’s actually a “normal” Sunday ride. Maybe try to stack three long rides in a row two or three times during this “free time” stretch.

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