100 vs 120 Rear Suspension (XC build)

Ah, sorry. I thought we were talking about the Spark RC. My bad.

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FWIW, I have this exact frame and run it with the 42.5mm and love it. I use it for marathon MTB stuff, like BCBR or big one day events. If I was doing shorter XC racing on less technical terrain, I might be tempted to go for the shorter travel.

With the lower BB I went with 170mm cranks - something to consider, I think that was the right call for sure. I’d even consider 165’s if doing it all over.

This bike pedals pretty well. I’m not sure you’d notice a pedalling efficiency gain between the long and short travel, so why not get the longer? It doesn’t weigh any more and provides more fun on the descent. I also run 120mm up front.

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Yes I think I will go 42.5 but my question was did I need to return my current 165x40 sidluxe (which I can for free) and get a replacement 165x42.5 - if it was worth it. It seams I can just take out a spacer so my problem regarding this is solved.

I will ride it was 100mm front 165x40 back with 165 pedals until I replace my fork with a sid 35 ult. Then I will snip a spacer out of the shock.

I ride trails where guys are bottoming out their 160 bikes so every bit counts for my bike!

Good to know you like the fm936 - i can’t wait to get my hands on mine.

It is going to be a radical change. Going from a 100mm ht w/ a 69ha and 407 reach as medium to 67ha & 475 reach! huge difference!!

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I know Carbonda is releasing a 120 version for the fm936 with a change in linkage next year - I thought this would be the case between the RC and TR too?