1 Long ride vs 2 short Rides AI FTP

Hey team! I’m almost certain this has been asked and answered but I can’t track it down.
All else being equal, is it better (read: will it pad my ego more) to upload 1 long ride vs 2 shorter rides. In all seriousness, which will give AI FTP detection a better sense of my capabilities?
For example

  1. A 2hr vo2 session + 1hr endurance uploaded all as one ride.
  2. A 2hr vo2 session, and a 1hr endurance ride, uploaded as 2 files.

The reason I ask is I sometimes do my intervals indoors before heading out to do endurance outdoors.

Thanks! Cal

At present, I believe that 2 separate workouts is best, particularly when they involve two largely different training zones.

That’s because of how Adaptive Training handles Progression Levels, largely as separate in the main workouts.


Thanks @mcneese.chad - that line of reasoning makes sense.

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I can confirm what @mcneese.chad said – if you want Adaptive Training credit for the VO2 workout + the Endurance workout, it’ll be best to upload them as two separate rides.

This will be improved upon with Workout Levels V2, though! Rest assured that our devs are hard at work on that feature. :slight_smile:

In terms of AI FTP Detection, though, it won’t make a difference whether the ride is uploaded as one big ride or two separate rides.


Thanks @ZackeryWeimer - that’s really helpful info. I’m not too fussed about my endurance PL. 1hr rides aren’t enough to move that needle. But it’s the AI FTP side of things that I was curious about, which you answered.

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