0 faith in humanity. Cyclists robbed at gun point. (Not me)

What do I even do? Not ride in fear? Switch to MTB? Move?
I ride where this happened at least 2 times a week. More often when weather’s better.

I don’t know I wanted to put this out there. I’ll probably forget about it in couple days and keep riding and maybe it happens to me maybe it doesn’t…


You can come to the UK and deal with tripwire instead…

And if you survive that, then you get to take on our drivers!


I live in the Bay Area and I try to keep this spirit in mind. It’s awful, yes, but the odds of this not happening to you are good. Try to go about your life and control what you can.

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That being said, please do whatever makes you feel safest. I certainly don’t want to encourage you to ride in a situation that you’re not comfortable with.

I’ll take your drivers a billion times over US drivers!

Of the many things I observed living in the UK for 2 years, the level of driving being heads and shoulders above US drivers was STRIKING.

My city is starting to construct traffic circles and the level of buffoonery and assholeness I witness in these (now) death traps is remarkable.

Sorry to the OP not feeling safe, what a bummer.

It happens in one of the more cycling enthusiast places in the world:


Where on earth in the UK did you live to come to that conclusion!

We have male drivers who will literally come out and attack lone women riders because they slowed them down.

And if that doesn’t settle the debate… we have Ronnie Pickering. Americans have no-one on this level. Ronnie is the hardest man alive.

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East Anglia, lol maybe my world there was small.

I’ve lived in eastern Washington for the most part but also lived in; Portland, OR - Baltimore, MD - Biloxi, MS - Huntington Beach, CA and Palm Springs, CA.

Hands down your drivers are better on my admittedly small sample size.

My heuristic for cycling safety is way off kilter to most cyclists so in that aspect my assessment can be taken with a grain of salt.

But in driving? No way, hands down better drivers in the UK.

I’ve spent most of my years riding in London and Edinburgh and the standard and attitude is atrocious. Manchester commuting was rough at times too.

N Ireland is actually really great in comparison. Definitely rate it for cycling, maybe best in UK overall if you factor everything in.

Have a watch at some London road rage videos… it’s endless!

Haven’t got an opinion on the US. Only driven in Florida and LA. LA was covered with cops, always felt like they were watching and waiting for some minor driving mistake to pull you over. Drivers seemed to behave accordingly! That said I actually found the police there creepy. Noticed them staring down people in cafes when they were having lunch. Bizarre, real attitude.


Location matters for sure.

I miss driving over there and the inexpensive cars. The lack of police was startling too. My drive to work had me on the A1 briefly, 85-95mph and then mostly empty back country twisty roads the rest of the way. FUN!

And I’ll I had was a little Mazda3 hatchback and before that a Civic.

I didn’t do a lot of driving in bigger cities while there, little amount in London, went to Birmingham for a Christmas market, my son drove in Edinburgh while the rest of took the train up there.

So my experience in driving with your drivers was hands down better than over here. When cycling to work and around the area the interaction between me as a cyclist and your drivers was hands down better.

Sorry for the sidetrack OP. Hope you have a safe return to cycling!