Your personal best way to lose some fat - anecdotes / experiences / examples of what kicked your ***

Ok, so here’s a question about being bad :joy:

You know those days when you just have a blowout and enjoy yourselves? Hopefully we all do that from time to time…

Well, with excess carbs and fat, is it just like when you are trying to take onboard nutrition during exercise and there is only so much your body can absorb or is your body going to try and hang on to all of that and store it?

Basically once you’ve hit an upper limit during your bad day does it really matter how high you go?


I’m not sure that this is going to work, but I didn’t make much progress last year anyway. I am strictly a CX racer. I like riding on the road with my friends, but am too much of a wuss to race road at 54 years old. I have seen too many things to make it worth it to me. Anyway…

This year starting more or less now, I’m giving the MAF method a go. So the plan is to use traditional base in TrainerRoad as my base. I will likely just keep repeating it until I get to the build phase in May-ish. This forces me to keep my HR under 130. MAF formula is 180-age +/- adjustments. I got a +5 bump for having trained for 2+ years with no injuries. Since this is very low intensity, I shouldn’t be needing much in the way of carbs.

The nutrition side of this is to follow Dr. Phil Maffetone’s nutrition, which is basically a slightly healthier keto or close to keto diet. I think keto isn’t great once you add intensity to your mix, but is probably fine for the base building I plan on doing this up coming year (till May).

My history is this: I used to ride a fair amount when younger, in my 30s. My girlfriend (now wife) HATED my 4 hour rides and all day excursions so I stopped riding altogether. I gained literally 100lbs or 45ish kgs. I got into motorcycles, drank a lot (Jack Daniels and other hard stuff), ate like a pig and had a 44" waist. I was at the point where my Dr was giving me grief over the weight and I could only find clothes at big and tall shops and Tractor Supply Co. I had enough. I remember when younger how well cycling worked, so I pulled out a bike and rode 7 miles. I was hating life. My 13yo son saw me doing this and decided he wanted to ride with me. Then he decided he wanted to race CX. So, we rode together. I am down to 190lbs and want the last 20-30lbs off. This is my 3rd year cycling, next will begin my 4th and I’m looking for a break through year in racing.

I tried a lot of stuff over the years. What worked for a long time was calorie and macro counting. It worked until last year. I think with all the training and the stress it creates my body just said no more and stopped losing.

When I first got going with cycling again, I started doing indoor cycling with a friend and he trained with power on stages indoor bikes. The classes were anything from sweet spot to VO2 max and beyond. I never really did any easy riding figuring no pain, no gain, etc. I think a lot of my racing peers (they are really far superior so peers is used loosely) on my team have been riding and racing for many years. I feel like I am so far behind in fitness and skills. One thing I know they all have is the mega miles in their legs from years of riding. That is a huge base and one that I’m looking to build with this program. I feel like since I went right to sweet spot from nothing that I missed this huge base building many have inadvertently or purposefully built.

I don’t know if this will work, but that’s my plan for now.


Thanks for sharing. Keep going and you will see soon some good results. TR will help you on this journey. Soon. I am sure!

You want to change some habits? Mabe this is your solution. I like it very much.

Highly recommend:

Its Rich Roll with James Clear, the Author of Atomic Habits.

Listen. And repeat.

He’s also been on the “Food for Fitness” and Sigma Nutrition podcasts in recent weeks…

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Overall calorie deficit does matter, but my experience has been that after a couple of days of the body settling back down, the damage doesn’t seem to be so extreme.

Again, in my experience, is to just park the bad days - the issue is the temptation to turn one day, into two/ weekend, into a week and then “start again Monday”. Write off a day and move on is the key.

If a bad (good?) day messes up a week in terms of goals, it’s only a week. Get back on track - the trend is your friend not day to day or week to week.


Could you provide some examples (or tips) of meal prepping?

I’ve tried it a few times, but by the time I’ve come to day 3 and 4, it seems like the food isn’t all that tasty anymore… I wonder how people manage to prepare it for the entire week…

Sorry to butt in, but what I do is bump up the family meals to provide extra portions.

I generally freeze them in the foil trays that takeaways in the UK and Ireland use (from €2/ £1 shops) - you can write on the top what’s in them, date and calorie estimate (I use the recipe option in myfitnesspal).

I do a lot of the cooking in the slow cooker/ crockpot, and normally get 7 or 8 portions out of batch - that’s 3 for that days meal, the rest for the freezer or coming days. It doesn’t take too many days cooking to fill the freezer and then I generally have to run it down a bit to make room.

I’ve no connection to the site, I just agree with his philosophy and science based approach, but has some free recipes (both slow cooker and otherwise), but I’ve paid for the ebooks and haven’t had a dud yet! Here’s an example, which I’m having today which I cooked a few weeks ago, it worked out at 8 portions of 411 calories…

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Interesting. My wife is keen to use the slow cooker more but I find that everything that comes out of there is the same - tasteless and boring.

I’ll check out the book you recommend as we are struggling!

Ok. I have to confess. I’m podcast addicted. :smiley:

I’d definitely recommend the slow cooker one anyway! But when I brought it, there was an offer on the complete set.

I generally prep the night before, in the morning throw everything in (regardless of whether the recipe says fry things first), and then it’s ready when we all get home from work/ school. If it’s a work day, and it’s a mince recipe I generally swap for diced beef.

The last few times, for stuff we serve with rice, I cook the rice the night before and stir that in when we get home for the last half an hour - sucks up a bit more of the sauce, and the 300g of rice does for 7 or 8 portions rather than 4!

That site also has a lot of one pot dishes (like the pilau chicken I linked) that work really well. There’s a few between the free ones and the books.

Definitely agree with this. I’ve got an imaginary calendar in my head at the moment where I can tick off a good day and my goal is to string together as many ticks as I can.

I actually prefer my instant pot to the slow cooker.

@Mac2k3 - I do the same as @Macy and cook larger meals that I then portion off. Recent favourites have been:
Veggie pilaf and chicken curry
Sauteed mushrooms and beans with sweet potatoes and feta
Mujadara with added veggies (depending on what I had in fridge/freezer)

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This feels like it should be a separate thread, so I answered your question over here.

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Which calendar are you on to have 19 months?

I kid, congratulations!

Since restarting my training and nutrition plan 6 weeks ago I’ve managed to get from 93kg to 88kg. My impedence scale puts that at a drop of 23% to 20% body fat.

Plenty more to come off but happy with my trajectory.


Question: you count your calories and are on track. Later in the day you come home from work and there it is. The dinner. Wonderful fruits and vegetables. Lean beef. Tofu. Whatever you like.

BUT your wife/husband/person made it. You dont know how much curry paste, oil, cheese slipped into the pan. How do you calculate?

You can guess the calories of a potato or of some beans. But its not accurate and you cant even guess the small things, that transform a meal into an extraordinary dinner.

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I think you’ve encapsulated why I don’t track!

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Search for a roughly equivalent named meal from a major chain restaurant and then take 7/8 or 3/4 of the count.

Or ask your partner and estimate. One meal every now and again being off isn’t a major deal.

I rarely run into this issue as I do nearly all of the cooking