Who's in for the Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR)?

I’ve been signed up for nearly three months, but it’s finally coming down to the wire to prep for the https://belgianwaffleride.bike/ BWR. I have one gigantic training session coming up in a few days (I’m dubbing it my Panic Ride), then I’ll likely be taking it easy for the next two weeks.

Bike and tire selection seems to be the largest toss up for this race, and I’m settling on my Allez Sprint Disc with IRC marbella 28c tires, and a Redshift Shockstop stem to take out some of the harshness. Gearing selection is 50/34 up front, and 11-34 cassette.

I do have a cyclocross bike that I could ride, but I’d need to install a 2x crankset, to help out with the fast pavement sections. If I were going to run a CX/gravel bike, it is because I’d want large volume tires (32-38c), but I think it’ll be a detriment to the pavement sections. I consider myself a technically capable rider, I come from a mountain bike background.

Who else from the forum is racing this event? I would love to meet others and race together that weekend.


I see this a lot on your Strava :smile:

You’ll do great. You’ve been training and preparing hard. Stress less, enjoy more.

Thanks SB - I’m really looking forward to it. This event will blow Polar Roll out of the water, hopefully I’m not walking as much. I’ll enjoy it, just not sure where. Probably during the dirt sectors.

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