Who and How mix Sweet Spot Base Plan with Running?

Now i have 5 running days a week (monday and friday are rest days) and i want to add Sweet Spot Base Low or Middle Volume plan.

Do You mix running and cycling?

if it gives You result?

How You measure train loads(to add or to reduce train load)

p.s. 194cm 110kg 31y.o. 30-40km run per week, 235FTP, 900Wmax 3s

First question to evaluate would be, what’s your priority, the cycling or the running? That allows you to manage scheduling conflicts and when life gets in the way. Also good to monitor if you can pull of your most important sessions even though you put on extra load from a different sport.

Next good to consider when your harder and easier run days are. From that and your priorities you can work the bike workouts in.

Also consider if you want to keep 2 days off.


I’ve tried mixing it, and to be honest, feel it compromised my progress on the bike. My best progress on the bike has been (whether forced through run injuries/ niggles or choice) prioritising the bike. So to echo the point about your goals…

If I was going to try and do more of an even mix again, I’d follow the Triathlon plans, based upon what running distance I was going for and ignore the swims. I planned to do that this winter, but then I have spring target on the bike, so that’s now my priority.

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Being a triathlete, I mix SSB and running.
Although I choose the LV option and have my run volume low(ish) I do one run after one of the SS sessions and the other 2 on non bike days.

I am going to move from SS to Sustained Power Build, then when I need to up my run volume I will move to the TRI Plans

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