Whiskey does not make you faster

Went to a friends birthday party that has a rather extensive whiskey collection. He broke out the good stuff…$600 a bottle. While it was equisite, it didn’t do much to get me through my workout this morning.


I had 23 year old Pappy last night. I’m definitely not faster today.


Totally worth it.

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Two anecdotes is not really science, you know. I think I’ll need to experiment with this myself. Just to be sure. :joy:


Maybe you’re just not doing it enough? :man_shrugging:


I’ve only acquired a taste for it in the last few years…it might have been the few Pigeonhead’s I had before the bottle came out…I need to season my liver a bit more.

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Yes, the answer is clearly that more training is needed!

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We should turn this thread into a whiskey review…

After 23 year old Pappy last night – which is unsustainable – I am drinking Redbreast tonight. Which is also kind of unsustainable. I managed a 60 minute sweet spot workout today, and am enjoying an indulgent Thanksgiving. Hope you all are as well :tumbler_glass:

Paging Mr, @chad Timmerman.

Your time has come!



WhistlePig!! That stuff is AWESOME!

But Leadslingers Fighting Spirit has been filling my tumbler lately.

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Don’t be afraid to get involved :slight_smile:


Can confirm. Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask checking in. Same results. I’m going to repeat experiment with red wine and see how Warlow goes tomorrow. Science.


I can tell you right now, red wine requires extensive train up, even when tempered with pumpkin pie. :roll_eyes:

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I’d dispute your findings. Last Sunday I sailed through Laconte after a more than generous helping of a friends Scotch collection. That said, I’m certain I floated home on Saturday night/Sunday morning

Haha I haven’t tried exercising in the morning after whiskey.
But I improved a 10K running PR on vodka the night before.

You’re all doing it wrong. I have graphical evidence it makes you faster! But doing it during is the key. We have lets just say a more fun orientated race early on in the CX season here. One of the features is a Whisky shortcut - basically you get to cut out a series of grass hairpin bends if you take a shot.

I PR’ed the shortcut this year with 6 (I think), and look at my average lap speed - you can see there’s a small dip down to lap 4 before it really took effect, but after that there’s a small but noticeable trend upwards. Compare that to the race with no whisky and you can see it’s pretty conclusive.




This is priceless :rofl:

Us Scots keep all the good whisky for ourselves!!


I was thinking this. Laphroaig is all we need.


You took a $600 whisky and put ice in it!?

I’m kidding of course :smile: If it tastes good, do it!


That was how it was served to me.

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