Which plan to squeeze in before BWR?

I just raced the San Dimas Stage Race this past weekend (an “A” race for me) after following mid-volume SS base II and mid-volume general build. During the week, I typically did shorter versions of the prescribed workouts (45 min – 1 hr twice between Monday-Thursday) and then on the weekend I did as much extra outdoor riding as I was able to – sometimes following the planned workouts closely, other times doing more aerobic riding or jumping in a group ride.

My next goal race is the Belgian Waffle Ride, which is now just over a month away. I’m not sure exactly which way to take my training over the next few weeks. My biggest gains will probably come from getting on the dirt more and nailing down a solid nutrition plan, but I still need to fill my week with something on the trainer. I’m considering going back to SS Base II, since I think sweet spot and threshold are probably the most specific to BWR. However, I’m also considering doing a specialty plan like Climbing Road Race or even 40k TT.

I should add that my goal isn’t just to finish, but to try to stay near the front of the race for as long as possible (yes, I know I will likely blow up spectacularly, but in my mind, that’s how to get the most of my $180 race entry). Any thoughts?

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I like the idea of SSB2, because it has that hard Tuesday workout to keep you sharp, then Thursday and Sunday to help your endurance.

Maybe replace the hard Saturday workout with a long outdoor ride to get used to long gravel rides in the saddle, do that nutrition testing you’re taking about etc. I think that’ll be more useful than over-unders.

I’m also signed up for BWR, and I’m feeling under trained.
To combat this, I am doing a “Panic Ride” that will be roughly 130 miles, with 31ish miles of cross country mountain bike trails in my area. I will be doing this on Easter Sunday (2 weeks out!), and it will give me a good idea on how BWR will actually go for me. Of course it will be a moderately paced ride, nothing really over tempo/threshold if I can help it. Here’s the route for those interested: https://www.strava.com/routes/18038024
In my opinion, nailing down nutrition, gear selection, and pacing which will give you the best time, rather than rushing into a ton of training leading up to the event.

This week, I did a 1.5 hour SS workout, Friday I will do a Vo2 max workout, and sunday will be the “Panic Ride.”
Next week will be probably 4 days of easy aerobic riding to recover from my big training day, and if I feel up to it, go do an XCO or Crit that coming weekend.
I’m really trying to keep my weekly TSS stable, then take it easy on the days leading up to the race.

I just took the same approach on a 50mi mixed road/mtb ride this past weekend - no other goal than to stay with the lead group for as long as possible (I hung on for 1hr out of the 3 I completed the ride in), and just went hard with what I had left. Good luck, it’s going to be fun!

As for training, I too like the SSBII idea - it’s a really good mix of all of the targets you will probably want to stay on top of for the next few weeks. Pick the weeks that appeal to you out of the time you have between now and then and go after it.
Disclaimer: I haven’t done the climbing road race plan, only specialty plan I’ve ever done is XCO (which leaves me wanting a break from structure after lol).