Which plan or phase to shorten for 70.3 training

Hi all, I’m just completing the 8 week base phase for Half distance Tri training. I now have 21 weeks remaining until my event. To begin a Build Phase and a Specialty Phase after that, would put me 5 weeks short of my event. I get the sense from forum posts that I should add more base phase work now, and start the build phase 5 weeks from now. Advice? If so, what would be the best Base plan and can it easily be shortened or condensed to 5 weeks?

Thanks a load, happy spinning!

Hey there Franzy!

First of all, I want to make sure you know that the base phase is two 6 week blocks adding up to 12 weeks (not 8). Just keep that in mind when you are counting the weeks until your event.

What I would recommend is after you have finished with the 12 weeks of base, do the last 5 weeks of Base phase 2 again to extend your base training.

You may want to take a ramp test before you start those extra 5 weeks to ensure your FTP is up to date and you get the progression you want. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you are doing the half distance base which is 8 weeks? I think @Ian was referring to sweet spot base which is 12 weeks (in 2 six week blocks).

You could just repeat the last 4 weeks of base again and keep a week in hand for illness/travel/work stress/whatever.

Yep! Sorry, I assumed you were doing SSB!

Exactly right, in the last week of the half distance base which is 8 weeks. So, how do I repeat the last 4 weeks of the half distance base phase? Simply re-add the same base phase and delete the 1st 2 weeks?

All you have to do is add the plan into your calendar on the day you want to start it, hit the three dots on the right side of the first four weeks and hit “clear week”. Then click the three dots on the fifth week and hit “Bump week up” until it is at the start date that you want it at. This should move the other three weeks up as well so you only have to “bump” the first week and the others will follow :slight_smile:


just a consideration for you. instead of repeating your current base plan bike workouts, add 3 weeks of the SSB2 plan bike workouts (LV unless you have extensive indoor training history). then do week 8 of your base plan as recovery and proceed to build. this way you change the stimulus a bit and you have a nice preparation for the VO2max and over/under work coming up during build.

you are left with 1 extra week. use it as buffer for if you get sick or have to travel. if you still have the week over during the last weeks of specialty you can repeat a week of that plan.

finally why don’t you meet us in the The Ironman in 2019 thread

happy training!


Appreciate the input!!:grin:

Great tips Schmidt. Learning lots about plan versatility. Lot’s of creative solutions out there obviously

Yeah, the nature of individual race plans and life happening in between make it necessary. The forum is amazing for learning!

We have had a thread on this topic a while back https://www.trainerroad.com/forumt/long-term-plan-for-a-70-3-a-race-next-august/1389/9