What workout did you do today? (2018/2019)

Mount Field for me today:

Did well. Bloody cold in my garage mind!


Taku as a test for how I feel after illness and whatever I did to my back last night. Results…illness…not ideal but I can train something. Back…alright on the bike once warmed up but very displeased with me otherwise.


The sprints were fun and I definitely felt the workout in my legs during the day. Rest day tomorrow before the exertions of the weekend workouts which I’m really looking forward to.

3 more weeks before my next ramp test and I’m still to decide what build program to follow SS2MV.


Clark - made it 4/4. Legs felt really good today :tada:


The workout gods didnt want me to workout it seems. Putting on the new tube i got the tiniest pinch flat in the world.


We had a thread last year for that… it’ll only get colder!


Kaweah tonight. Tough but doable.


It’s an omen…clearly you need a new bike and / or a new trainer to appease the workout gods. Better luck next time!


Customised version of Prater - extended warm up and added endurance onto the end taking it to 1h30. Prater is one that will find me out if my FTP is set too high.


Having ridden my bike over Donner Pass, and driven over it hundreds of times, was seriously contemplating :scream: :thinking: your first sentence in item 2. Thankfully I stopped thinking and continued reading! :rofl:


Passadumkeag tonight. Tougher than I was expecting but a good workout.


Carson today, feel like Powermatch was slow to lock in power, has been good during my last workouts

Not sure why, I calibrated the trainer cold but thought that power match takes that totally out of the equation since I had my Stages control it. Maybe it had more to do with my drops in cadence, can someone take a look and let me know what they think? Here is Ericsson from Tuesday, looks like the first interval was good and the last 3 big ramp ups got screwed with weird cadence too?


Occasionally I see a very small delay in resistance change, but I don’t sweat it.

In your Carson workout, it locked you in slightly late, but also released you slightly late, so you hit 262w vs target of 264w. Happy days.

Also in that same interval, looks like you started chasing power and your cadence went up from ~90 to 98. Any changes in cadence will result in a change of power.

As for your Ericsson, you were within 1-2w of target power across all the intervals. I’d say there’s nothing wrong with that?


Oh the averages for the intervals were bang on, no concerns. Just the delay in ramp up today but as I said and you seem to agree, could be my cadence. Today was a weird day, did not eat much, hectic schedule to get done my ride, probably wasn’t as focused as I should have been

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Hehe I completely forgotten about the pass in that moment - even also driving through there couple of times. But when you need carbs, even the beautiful and amazing place like donner pass becomes tasty, meety food :slight_smile:

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Donner last night. It’s 8h30 we’re I live right now and I’m always late in this tread because the title is what workout did you do today.

My trainings are always in the eveni g and after training I shower and have dinner before collapsing in the couch :smiley: so no time to post the training in the exact day its done.

Hard exercice but not really hard. Legs were OK and HR steady under 160. So no real danger of going breathless.

Question. How can we put the training image directly here. Is there a way of sending it directly from the app or website or you always have to copy it and post it here? I’ve been taking a photo of the PC screen but I see perfect images being posted so maybe there’s a way of sharing it directly to this forum that I can’t find.


I use the windows ‘Snipping’ tool and then just paste it.


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(The same idea works on mobile, too: You can take a screenshot, then add it to your forum post.)

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McAdie +1, again:

I consciously tried to keep my cadence a bit faster this time, and I think it worked out. The first over/surge in each interval continues to make me question everything that brought me to that moment, and based on how the whole thing felt I am not expecting any movement in my FTP when I do my next ramp in a couple weeks. Which is fine. It’s just base training. My sense of self-worth is definitely not tied to a mostly arbitrary number I got from the cheapest smart trainer I could find.

Pro tip for anybody else who needs to extend SSBMVI: Don’t repeat week 5. Pick another week. Any other week.


Taylor -2 with endurance.

I think my trainer (TACX FLUX) is on the way out. Constant slipping sensation when I tried to put the power down. This made the session really annoying and I couldn’t resolve the issue. This is the second TACX unit I’ll have gone through in just over a year. Not impressed at all.