What to do in FREEtime

Honestly you’re in a lucky spot a lot of us wish we had. If I get free time I like to watch youtube videos (Seth’s Bike Hacks, Vegan Cyclist, NorCal Cycling, etc.) I also enjoy throwing on a Joe Rogan Experience and zoning out.


In all seriousness, the more I abstain from alcohol, the more I come to respect its use as a social lubricant.

If I was able to control myself and just drink one bottle of wine with dinner, I wouldn’t have to mess about with taking 6 weeks off the drink!

Being from northern Europe, like me (for now), we are getting the long nights rolling in. A lot of people probably feel this boredom at this time of year. Schedule in evening meals with friends otherwise you’ll end up like me: going to bed at 9pm every night because I’m sick of Netflix!

I know you don’t have any energy left but, if you ever do, try crossfit. It’s a bit of fun!


Book ideas, categorized:

Easy reading novels:
-Any of the Jack Reacher series. All quite entertaining, and easy page turners.
-Michael Crichton books, if you like sci fi. Jurrassic Park, Sphere, etc.
-Mysteries: Any of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes, of course. Ian Rankin, Elizabeth George
-A newish author I like - John Scalzi. Sci fi, sort of absurdist in a way. He’s got one about a smelly, bloblike slimy alien that comes to hollywood and hires an agent, called ‘Agent to the Stars’

NOT easy reading novels:
The Three Body Problem series by Cixin (sp?) Liu. Its a three book series about a species living in a three star solar system looking for a new home world (earth). Very in depth, very technical, and spans vast amounts of time.These would probably take you through the winter…

Non Fiction
-Nine Pints. It’s a book all about blood. Much more interesting than it sounds.
-The Sixth Extinction. A review of global extinction events, and human roles in the most recent one
-Kingdom of Fear. Hunter S Thompsons memoir


Start with the book “The Rider” as it is a quick and easy ride on a subject that you will already be interested in. I mostly read bike related books for training or insight, and the book Endure by Alex Hutchinson was a great read for the latter. Once I get going down the rabbit trail of what the human body is capable of, I find even the dry subject matter to be super interesting.


You should spend time cleaning your bike.


Unofficial recommended book/reading list: Recommended Books / Reading Thread

If the idea of cycling in another country would ever appeal to you, you could start trying to learn a new language.


I’ve become a huge fan cooking meals and trying new recipes with all the extra free time winter seems to bring. Knock out a new podcast (of any kind) while cooking and the time flies.


Wait, what?!



Right up there with “Anybody want my left over bacon…” as things you never hear in life :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of


Learn to cook. As in get better at cooking, baking and what not. It’ll serve you well as a triathlete to have a nice variety of foods to pick from, and it’s kinda something that we do every single day, why not make it better. Taste and Test different things.

Maybe switch to a higher volume plan? 2 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs should keep you pretty busy.


Try meditation and yoga. Call your girlfriend more.

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I would foam roll stretch and do mobility work

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Practice guitar.


+1 on learn an instrument. Analog is good… It’s nice to step away from a screen!

I try to always have a project planned for the winter.

Building speakers (or anything for that matter) can be really rewarding. Check this kit out: https://meniscusaudio.com/product/sb-revolution-mini-be-loudspeaker-kit/

(Pro tip: don’t opt for the more expensive parts…)

Another activity to keep busy and is fulfilling is volunteering or even doing advocacy for safer streets for cyclists.

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Get a dog. (Can’t believe no one has suggested this yet.)

Honestly, dogs are the best, and they will happily fix any free time problem.


Honestly, it has been years since I was in your situation. My depression would rear its ugly head when I got to the bored part. Too much TV / Screen time by myself then.

Cut back on the screen time. Learn photography. Learn to cook! I love to cook but when I was single, I would not buy the spices that really help. So trying new recipes was intimidating. Married a cook and we have shelves of spices.

Work a spare job? One you do for fun?

Are you in a club? Help out with coaching, or help organise an event?

Or how about learning another language?

Stretch. Meditate. Make sure you’re getting enough rest. Find the ends of the internet while looking for cycling related content! LOL!

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My wife would agree wholeheartedly about reading some books. She’s worked in publishing all her life though.

My thing has always been taking up new hobbies and exploring as much as possible. Lots of hobbies.
Having just relocated my family, I’m currently spending my days exploring every playground and public pool with my son while my wife brings in the bread (for now). We also visit the museums, galleries and any other stuff we can find that gets left behind when I’m busy.
Catching a ferry or a train can be fun when you’re not in a rush. Admittedly, this sort of thing is way better when you have a 4 year old wing man.

My father died when I was your age and it definitely left me feeling pretty flat. He was 68 and I was 34 so I think I had an early mid life crisis at the time.
An awesome hobby I picked up around that time was astronomy. The amount of reading involved is insane and there is something new being discovered every second day.
It can be as simple as learning to identify the planets and major stars from your location. Or you can play with astro photography and take pics of galaxies.
It’s a definite eye opener and turns the world around you into a big clock that marches on no mater what happens.

Honestly, anything that catches your attention is good.