Veloviewer just signed up

I may be behind the curve here, I had never heard of this site Veloviewer. It was mentioned on the Post your Strava 2019 Year in Sport! post. I have have just signed up. I was shocked by the price, only £10. It seems a bargain.


I’m on my third or fourth year with it (the renewal payment went through last month). It’s a great way to visualise your rides and looking at what you do.

Be warned - explorer squares can become quite addictive :joy:

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I love looking at numbers. I don’t use them to train per se, just to look at what I have been doing over time. This could take up a lot of my time :slight_smile:

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I love Veloviewer.

It has a really nice graph that shows how your mileage is increasing, simple but effective.

Have you ever heard of the Eddington number? I wonder what yours is?

But the thing for me is the Explorer tiles. I’m at the stage where I’m not going to race or even chase KOM (I still try to improve my times though) so there has to be something else to motivate you. The Veloviewer software tracks where you have ridden and ticks off these in a grid. (So you can see where you have been.) But the real addictive part for me is trying get the Maximum Square of visited tiles, so the software looks at all of your tiles and works out what your biggest possible square is…and the addictive part of riding and exploring new roads to visit so you can grow your square is brilliant.



explains it much more better than what I does

My Eddington number is 541

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Eh? You’ve done 541 rides of at least 541 miles length? Mine’s 72 and I need to do 4 more rides of at least 73 miles to move it up to 73.

Are you sure you haven’t confused Max cluster with Eddington?


I was a subscriber and then droppped it when I was doing a lot more indoor miles. I thought the price had gone up so that it was more than £10.
I found it was one of the tools you use a lot at first and then dont use much again. Saying that I am aware that they are constantly improving it.

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Replying to my own comment. I looked at Veloviewer again and decided to rejoin on the £10 option.
Looking at which Zwift routes I still have to do will be one focus until I start riding outside more as the weather improves.


It sounds like it. I clicked on the Eddington button. Where is the figure?

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I think you missed a decimal point somewhere…

If you click on the Eddington button you get a graph. Your Eddington number is the highlighted value but it’s also on the main page like this: 72 ml, 105 km, 241 min, 1860 m (93), 34 Centuries (miles)

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In that case it is 41. Thanks for the help.

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My eddington is 47 and explorer is 737. I am surprised at both as I only went outside 3 times in 2019

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I imagine that Veloviewer is calculating that using all of your ride history. You can just set it to work it out for the current year (or any year I think)

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I wonder if it counts virtual rides such as Zwift and Fulgaz?

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It does, but marks them as ‘virtual’. One neat thing is that when you look at the map views of your Zwift rides, you can use the Zwift maps rather than the real-world maps.