Vector 3 Pedal Axle Play

Hi guys -

Recently my trusty 1+ year old left vector pedal has developed some plays on the pedal spindle. Wondering what would have been wrong. Do people have any experience dealing with such a situation?



There shouldn’t be a gap or any play. Contact Garmin and they should replace them on warranty as this pedal body/spindle separation is a known defect that can lead to transmission issues.

Just did and they’ve offered replacement. Going to send it in during recovery week! Thanks for the tip!


You can also place a deposit down and they’ll send you a new set before you return the old one. Then when they receive your old set, they refund the deposit. I did that and didn’t miss a day of training. It’s an option.

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Brilliant - just tried that and no days missing! That’s a very useful tip!

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Darn, I wish Garmin had told me that I could have paid a deposit, when my V2s developed play and they replaced them with V3. Took nearly 4 weeks and a wrong delivery of a fitbit, (For goodness sake) to get the V3’s back. I was pretty annoyed.

Update on this - got my replacement pedal in couple days ago and just sent off my old pedal.

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Garmin UK’s service is top notch!

Glad I read this, similar issue with gap but no play yet (see pic below), been waiting for a time when I didn’t mind being without power for a few weeks but if they can replace immediately I’ll crack on!

Wondering if this is just a “I need to maintain this pedal from time to time” issue – If it is when this replacement pedal’s warranty runs out I’ll have to eventually do an overhaul myself.

Mine definitely isn’t. I followed the Garmin instructions for servicing it, took the whole thing apart, but the part where the gap is forming isn’t supposed to come apart and there is no way of pushing it back together again short of hitting it with a hammer. I’m not shy of hitting things with a hammer when it’s the only option left and the part is junk otherwise, but not there yet!

The gap you can actually fix it.

Mine had a big gap… Plus the cap screw area is messed up from a crash so I’m ordering a new body. (Still waiting :/)

So if you open up everything and just have the body without the power spindle. You can take a plier and clamp that end and turn it right like a screw. But careful not to leave a plier mark. Don’t use a hammer!!!

In this thread I talked about how I did the maintenance as Garmin described, and it didn’t solve my slight binding issue, and then it turned out that the separation was causing my occasional BLE dropouts as well. Garmin replaced my 18-month old Vector 3 pedals with a brand new set… I put down the deposit and never had to stop training with power. Pret-ty sweet deal, relatively speaking…