Upgrading my rollers...Elite Quick Motion rollers?

Convinced of what?

To take the plunge and get a set :smiley: Hurray for new learning experiences (maybe later).

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Good deal. Motion rollers are really fun, IMHO, and will keep you very into the workout. I find them really tough for high end VO2 and Anaerobic work. But they are a blast for everything below those. Really keeps the Z2 Endurance rides more interesting too. Happy rolling :smiley:


Really enjoy workouts on these Quick Motion rollers. Much more fun than fixed indoor workout

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So heres my update after a bit with it. This is more a more zwift centric report because I wanted to test out the changing of resistance.

I’ve been mostly doing z1 (in a 3 zone model) rides on it. This is mostly because I’m still really a novice with rollers (even though they were what I used when I started training). The setting I have focused on using right now is controllable mode on zwift. I wanted to see how it feels when you ride in game with it.

So far, its…fun. Like, really fun. Makes zwift feel much “worth it” in my view. Zwift isn’t great as a training platform and I think it doesn’t really know what it wants to be (social cycling, racing, training, all of the above, one of the above?). It’s always made me confused as a user as to what I’m supposed to use it for. I’ve always defaulted to TR for real training with a zwift power detection so that I can upload real-esq rides to strava. All the while doing this, I’ve felt that I should just cancel my zwift subscription as it just felt like another layer on things. However, with these rollers in controllable mode, it feels like I’m really riding the course. It makes me switch up my cadence and gears to go up and down hills. Theres a lot more skill involved in a zwift ride at z1 and it makes me look forward to those sort of workouts.

Some other observations.

  1. The course interactivity is a double edge sword on rollers. Once you hit a hill and are in a lower gear, you are naturally going slower. This means that you have much less speed on the rollers themselves. This means, you’ve guessed it, it becomes really hard to stay balanced on the rollers. In a way, its forced me to be more conscious of “quick legs” when hitting hills. Some may think this is a good or a bad thing. The 6kg flywheels in the back drums are a godsend in this regard.

  2. Resistance changes are noticeable on the bike. I can feel the motor in the back moving in and out…almost like a rumbling feeling when I hit a hill. Its not bad, just noticeable

  3. Its easy to hit a turn in zwift and then turn in real life. I’ve hit the side of the rollers many times this way and haven’t (yet) been thrown off the rollers. Most of the time, I look down when there is a turn to make sure that I don’t subconsciously turn myself. Annoying but it does show how immersive this can get

  4. The flywheels are great. Mentioned this before but it is nice. I can easy get out of the saddle for a bit and shift the position around. This has helped tremendously with the tendency for me to develop numbness due to not moving out of a static trainer every so often. Some have reported, however, that they get numb on this roller. For me, that hasn’t been the case

  5. Iffy app and firmware support. I have learned that elite isn’t the best at communicating to their customers; they don’t have an active forum and no one seems to respond if someone mentions an issue. since these rollers are new, spindown calibration in their app throws up errors and I have no idea why or how this is going to be fixed in the future. Since I have one so early, I’m sure this will change when they are being sold in the usa

  6. Spindown calibration and power. Doing a spindown on rollers is really iffy and tough. Have a wall or something to prop up on. It still is awkward though and I think they need to develop a specific type of protocol for those on rollers to make it easy to use. As for power, it says it transmits through ANT+FC but I’ve only noticed bluetooth working well. Since I have a power meter on my bike, I’ve used my own power meter to do power rather than the trainer. Not ideal.

  7. Rollers are still white knuckle affairs. It is still terrifying to use rollers. My bike moves at the slightest twitch of the handle. My personal sense of balance isn’t great either. So when I lock into the rollers, the workout demands much more attention. Doubly so because my speedplay pedals lock me in and clipping out is really hard still. Some may like this. I do like this…sometimes. Other times, I just want to get on my damn bike and disconnect from everything.

Overall…this has been a weirdly good (yet not without issue) purchase for me. I got them cause they were cheap ish (500 pounds) and I wanted to work on bike handling skills specifically indoors. I still prefer just using my feedback sports omnium rollers and hub power meter when I just want to get on and have a workout without thinking. But as I get more into it, the more I appreciate working on other skills than just power during my rides.

I will do 2 weeks of TR using ERG and resistance mode from today onwards now that I’ve got a better handle on how all of this works. Let me know if you have any specific questions, comments, or things you’d like me to check out. I’m not as prolific as @mcneese.chad but i am unfortunately desk based for most of my day.


Thanks for the update Killroyt23. Here has been my experience on the Nero’s in the first few days:
I received my Elite Nero Interactive Rollers last week and now have had 4 days to properly connect up the rollers to the iPhone and iPad apps. I must simply say that Elite NAILED IT.

For two years I have been riding the Elite Quick Motion rollers and have enjoyed the experience using the Misuro B+ sensor to export data to my iPad for My E Training [Elite app] and Rouvy apps [sometimes to Zwift but not lately]. Quick Motion rollers were fun but without interactiveness, I was required to make my own adjustments.

The Nero Interactive rollers are a complete GAME CHANGER. I have connected my apps through Bluetooth Smart and have had real-time changes in resistance on the rollers during a ride consistent with video display or workout criteria. Super impressed. I agree with Killroyt23 that the Spindown Calibration is only iffy and I have yet to get it to complete, but the rollers seem fine with BT interconnection.

Here are the details on myset up:

  1. I am using my 3rd Generation iPad with My E Training connected to the Nero through Bluetooth Smart, Favero Assioma power meter pedals and a Garmin Dual Bluetooth/Ant+ HRM strap. I also have a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt connected on my bike to show speed, cadence and wattage [and L/R balance etc.] for comparison. It took a bit of fiddling with the My E Training app to get all the sensors connected up but ultimately did so.
  2. I have used the My E Training App on my Quick Motion rollers so I am familiar with it. There is a 12 month free subscription with the Nero. Using the My E Training app with the Nero connected through Bluetooth, I have done workouts on the Level Mode, Power Mode and Video Mode rides using the free user uploaded rides. I used the Don Bosco Tour video ride recently and it was very realistic. On the Video, there was an increasing and decreasing gradients from -2% to approximately 3.5% over 7 miles . The resistance on the Nero rollers was gradual if the gradient only went up by 1% and got progressively harder or easier in real time as the percentage increased and decreased. Super impressed. Also, if My E Training app said my speed was doing 8mph going up a hard uphill section, when I looked at my Wahoo Bolt head unit on my bike, it showed the same speed being registered as I rode on the rollers. Felt like it and concentration on balance going uphill was a must. Power displayed on the Wahoo Bolt and the My E Training app were consistent and I could tell that I was going up a slow grade just by seeing my wattage increase.
  3. I hooked up my iPhone with Rouvy app to the Nero through Bluetooth. I figured out that Nero will only connect to one app at a time in Bluetooth mode, so you can only ride on Rouvy or My E Training apps – not both at the same time and you must completely disconnect from one app to get the other one working even if you don’t think you have that app running. On Rouvy, I chose an augmented road course with 5-7% gradients and the Nero Interactive rollers gave real-time changes in the resistance and speed.
    I have not tried to use Zwift or any other app with the Nero Rollers.
  4. Where my wattage max on my Quick Rollers [in Level 1] normally could not get much past 350 Watts, I am getting well over 400 watts on some efforts. I haven’t tried to max out yet as I am still getting use to the rollers. However, it is clear that the automatic interactive resistance changes on the rollers will allow for a very good workout on intervals it appears.

Overall, these are a challenging set of rollers and the Nero interactive is the way to go to have a great workout experience.


Today used Rouvy Passo Sella augmented route. I had to reduce the reality to 75% in Rouvy because the interactivity seemed much too high. Once I did that, the switchbacks up the mountain worked very well - when it went up to 7% around the bend, resistance went up fast and when you flatten out to around 4 or 5% the resistance lessened during that stretch. When the grade went beyond 7% [Nero’s max] like to 12%, Nero’s resistance still seemed to increase as I assume because I had put Rouvy’s reality to 75%. Makes the ride very realistic to me.


Very cool stuff. Thanks for all the feedback @killroy123 & @dwtrux.

I am super tempted to see if I can retrofit my old PowerBeam Pro resistance unit to my DIY motion rollers. This info makes it even more likely that I need to make it happen, for Zwift fun rides at least.


I’d love to read how you do it. Tbh, I originally thought resistance rollers were a gimmick. These zwift rides really have changed my perspective. It does feel much more immersive. Now if only we could have some way to mimic steering in a more realistic fashion…

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Apparently, Zwift has some coding already in there for steering, using the accelerometers in the phone on the Companion app. I don’t know if it is steering or lean sensitive, but it would be fun to have that for control of intersection selection, and lanes if they every implement that too.

I will surely share my design if I get a retrofit completed successfully.

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Yeah I’ve got the floating fork stand as well (plus the newest version of the smart resistance control)…it’s good enough that I’ve sold my KICKR and use the rollers exclusively. I’m a big fan.



So, Trutrainer appears to have come back from the dead. They also look like they are going to be having resistance control as well! Looks like a september 2019 launch too.

I’ve always been curious about these generally as I’ve wanted flywheels in the rollers since forever. I have those with the Nero right now and they really do help.

Hey @GPLama, maybe try to snag one of these too. You appear to be on a roller binge as of late :slight_smile:


Yeah, we have seen this posted in some other thread around here from back in October 2018.

I’d like to give them a ride and see how they handle.

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Same here. Tbh, I wanted these the most out of all rollers. However, 5-6 months ago their website looked web 1.0, no youtube videos that were up to date (2-3 years old), and it wasn’t clear if they were actually in operation or what not so I decided to pass. I also couldn’t buy the insideride rollers in the UK (I think its a legal agreement between Elite and inside ride that prevents this) so that was out.

Yet more stuff I want to buy…My pain cave is starting to look more like Shane’s. -_-

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The price of trutrainer setup with stand and bumpers without BTLE is a joke, or it should suggest to customers not to bother :slight_smile: Elite Nero costs about 800USD… The only one interesting feature is self powering.

They say they will add bluetooth functionality in the future to the TruTraner as well. I’m happy with my Nero as it is because I really wasn’t certain interactive rollers were going to be a real thing. I could definitely see getting a set of metal based rollers in the future too

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GPLama has been unboxing the Crown rollers and worth a view.

image https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kYi_pBgeqs

Apart from the price they look like a decent piece of kit and would look great in anyone’s pain cave.

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According to web info:

TruTrainer introduced a resistance drum back six years ago allowing separate purchase for upgrade by its classis rollers.

The SmartLoad Power rollers they are going to release interacts with TrainerRoad apps etc., making it in par with smart rollers like Elite Nero and InsideRide E-motion. Separate purchase of the drum is also available for upgrading.

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This might sound silly, especially coming from a roller user, but how in the heck do those people get on the rollers when it’s in the middle of a room…

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She also has a rollers on a fixie video here: