UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

So Hugo1 posted this on the game changer thread, there is a Lasko blower style fan available in the UK:

I ordered one this week and it’s brilliant!

Thanks Hugo1!

UPDATE: Discount code is now TRAINERROAD10


5% discount code for above JANSAVE5


Thanks, I’m in the market for a new fan. What makes this one so good out of interest?

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Looks great but I’m not sure if the FTP is high enough to really push me.


Nice one thanks.

It works kind of like a turbo in how it pushes air so can move a lot more than a conventional fan giving much more cooling benefit.

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The Lasko 49XX series is highly rated by indoor trainer users for volume of air moved, cooling, quietness etc.

unfortunately its not available in the UK so the cleva air looks like a very similar alternative. I can’t comment on performance as mine hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully @pgyates1983 can give some more detail.

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Nice, thanks for the responses @Jonnyboy / @pgyates1983.

Ordered, really looking forward to it arriving.

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I ordered one yesterday too!

I’ve currently got a Sealey HVF18 ( on the floor, and a Honeywell HT900E pointed at my face. The Sealey moves a decent amount of air, but overpowers the Honeywell so my face drips with sweat.

Excited to try this out!

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Cleva UK are going to be a little confused on the sudden run on their air movers!


The only issue for me would be the fact you can’t change what it’s doing while you are on the turbo. I have a tall fan that I lean into the corner of my room, I can grab it to turn it up or down and put it back in place quite easily while pedalling.

You should be on commission mate :wink:


Bought one yesterday!

I get around this in two ways.

  • using a remote control power socket adapter thingy to switch the fan on remotely (still doesn’t allow for speed control)
  • leaving the fan on max and wearing a jersey for the start of the ride, then once HR is elevated and I’m warm I take it off.

Interested to hear feedback on this fan…

The thing that initially put me off this compared to the (US) Lasko/Stanley utility fan was the lack of variable pivoting:

  • the Laskey pivots/rotates so can be set “just-so” to point exactly where you want it to;
  • whereas the UK Vacmaster fan just has 3 fixed orientations determined by the feet, so 45 degrees is the only useful angle - this could be an issue if you don’t have space to move the fan back/forth to compensate for the lack of pivoting.

Question for @pgyates1983, with the fan placed right in front of the wheel as pictured, where’s the airflow going exactly? Legs, torso, legs&torso etc? Cheers!

NB I was considering getting two of the Vacmaster fans, placed in-front/either-side of the front wheel, to replace one of these:

I also have one of these:

…placed up close for head/chest.

Remote controls for all of them.

It’s hitting over the top of my knees to my midriff and chest so pretty spot on, I did have the same thought and was going to use a piece of of wood to raise the front of it if needed but it seems to be spot on for me.

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UPDATE: I contacted Cleva UK to let them know about this thread, they’ve passed on a discount code:

TENJAN19 for 10% off


Thanks. What do you reckon about using two of them? NB I turbo all year round in south facing room, so need serious coolage when it gets warmer…

Just tried it but not working (?yet).

I think Nate does the very same with his Lasko, don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, it will be a lot of air being moved so should keep you well cooled.

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