Typical New Guy

Howdy. Am I missing the intro thread? Brand spanking new to TR proper but have been lurking the podcast for a while, just signed up and took my Ramp test. Man I’m pleased with the clean app and interface so far. I was a D1 swimmer and national number gncc rider and now am another computer-jobby-body-fighting 37 year old at a standing desk. 6’4" 215, trying to get back to fighting weight at 190. Looking forward to digging in deeper here and sharing my plethora of shi**y Lance stories.


Welcome :smiley:

Main forum intro.

Here is the TR app Help center for tons of good stuff.

Overall, now that you have tested, you should pick a training plan, add it to the calendar and get to business.

You can ask questions if you need to know where to start. The search tool in the forum is awesome and you can find many topics already covered in great detail.

Ask away of you don’t find what you need and we will direct to existing info or answer to get what you want.


Welcome to the TR forum :+1:

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