TSS Score for Outside Rides

First thing I noticed too. The other interesting thing is the average HR between the two. A 12-beat increase in average HR is definitely going to jack up the RPE even if the power isn’t as high, particularly with a bpm range where max HR is 164.

Sunday I coasted 12.6% of the time and Sunday I spend 16.6% of the time. Here’s another clue, on Saturday, I spent approximately 10.5% of the time in my threshold (4.2%), VO2 Max (3%), and Anaerobic (3.5%) zones. On the Sunday ride, I spent less than 2% of the ride in the highest 3 zones (threshold 0.9%, VO2 Max 0.5% & anearobic 0.5%). The zone that I spent the most time in for both rides was Active Recovery (41% Saturday & 66.6% on Sunday)

Wow, I’m really surprised. The data really doesn’t lie.

Clarification my my last post…Saturday I coasted 12.6% and Sunday was 15.6%.

maybe I’m wrong but something doesn’t seem right with the Sunday ride… my lowest IF on outside flat ride is 0.54 on an incredibly lazy 2 hour ride home (3 hr hard ride, then a couple of beers, then 2 hour lazy/slow roll home).

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Same bike and power meter, yeah? Is your power meter working right, or did you have lots of dropouts? Or, next question, were you especially fatigued or bonking on Sunday?

I just can’t work out how a ride with an IF of 0.45, 50% of time spend easy, an avP under 100W (for someone with a 1300 sprint) can feel ‘hard’. It can’t even have been especially surgy, or you maxP would be higher. I always get a few 500-600W spikes, and I don’t sprint at 1300W!

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FWIW here is my “lowest outdoor IF ride” which was solo/slow/lazy/had-a-couple-beers after a hard 3 hr ride:

My off-the-cuff feeling is you had power dropouts, but maybe you never took a real pull and sat in an awesome draft. Or your FTP is much higher than mine and you were tired and sat in the pack. :man_shrugging:


I think this will work. If it does, here is my file from Sunday’s ride.

that is Saturday ride according to what you wrote above.

something is going on with your sunday ride, but a 2+ hour 0.78IF ride is not a recovery ride by any definition

Again, apologies, that was Saturday, this is Sundays:


Good thing I’m not in IT…


Rode in, and rode home? Some really low watts bookending that ride.

Yes, about 5 miles to and from the start.

seriously low watts on the ride in, and for a short bit after the ride start. That plus the low watts on the ride home. That seems to be the explanation.

Something still doesn’t seem right, I couldn’t ride that slow to the start and back home…

Here is what happens when I look at just the interval when the ride is really going…NP goes up (130 vs. 117), IF goes up (50 vs 45), but TSS goes down (34 vs 45). TSS probably going down due to the shortened duration?


I’m thinking your power meter was under-reporting… If you look at average mph on ride to the start, is the power too low when compared to other rides on same route? Just eyeballing it looks like 18mph at 60W and that’s by yourself? Not possible solo on the flats.

24mph on relatively flat terrain and only 130W NP? Doesn’t seem right unless you are incredibly aero and had incredible draft.


something is wrong for sure. I don’t think you could avg 24mph at 100watts even in a large group


Agree - something is up with your power meter on that ride

Do you have power files from prior rides with that group? It sounds like you ride with them all the time - compare to last week or another earlier week?

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What power meter is it? How is it connected (BT or Ant+)? The reason I wonder is that the latest Assioma Uno update does not double the power of the one leg on BT but does on Ant+. Any chance that something like that is going on?

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Or maybe low battery? At a minimum I’d yank the battery, do a reset (usually putting a CR2032 in backwards), test battery, and replace if low voltage.

I think you may have solved the issue! I just changed my battery out last week and upgraded to a Garmin 530. Also, I checked the power file from the same ride Last two Sundays back on July 14th, the the NP was 206 with a TSS of 148.