Tss chart wrong

Anyone else having problems with tss chart being wrong? I went back today on chart to April and May to see my weekly tss and chart had weeks of 700, 900 tss for week with daily averages in 80-90’s, but I’ve never been higher than 60’s with most weeks in 400’s. This wasn’t like this a few days ago. It’s like rides are being counted twice. Anyone else suddenly having this glitch?


Yea, same for me. Outside rides is x2 now.



Seems there is a new glitch in tss chart

I had my calendar open in another tab and didn’t see the problem until I refreshed - now I see it. I have a 2052 TSS week!!

So it looks like this glitch has just been released today.

I can confirm this, at least the calendar and career page show the incorrect info ATM.


Outdoor rides (green dot) are all showing as double their actual value when looking at the “Career View”

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Nice. I have a 1600 TSS week after a 1406 TSS.

Look at this chart I feel so much stronger than yesterday. :crazy_face:


I’m seeing this as well

Wow - yes, exactly what’s happening to me as well! Now I feel I’ve finally done the Pro level TSS!

Yup, I am just seeing it this morning. I definitely did not see this bug yesterday when I was looking at my charts. Definitely a new bug that will hopefully be fixed soon

Same glitch with TSS here too. I didn’t know I could endure a 1400 TSS week!:rofl:

Same here.

I’m seeing the same thing. I just finished planning out my Annual Training Plan (ATP) up to my first A race, and the TSS scores for planned weeks match, but previous weeks are way off. I’ve got one week in July at 2,748 TSS! It was a bikepacking trip, but actual TSS shows up in the calendar week view of 1,374, which is double.

We’re looking into this right now. It looks like outside ride TSS is doubling in some areas. Thanks for the information, everyone.


Thanks. I just finished filing a support ticket as well.

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We’ve reverted the change that caused this and are working on a permanent fix. Updates to come. Thanks all.


It looks sorted now. We are no longer supermen!

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yup, just got an email reply from support that they fixed it. And it was. Thanks TR for the follow up and the quick fix! Now back to getting faster!

We just put out a more permanent fix for this. You (hopefully) shouldn’t see anything different than from when we reverted the initial change that caused the bug a few hours ago, but please do let us know if any TSS chart irregularities are seen again. :slight_smile:

User reports allowed us to catch this one pretty quickly so, as always, threads and support tickets about potential bugs are super appreciated!