TSS calendar suggestion

Can you make it so that you can select that it only shows bike TSS? I am on a triathlon plan, but I want my calendar to give you options of looking at bike tss/swim tss/run tss separately.

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This is on our Development Roadmap :slight_smile:


You can see the current status and some stated plans for upgrades.

They update it with completed items when they are introduced.

Didn’t feel I needed to create a new topic.

Another suggestion that I have is to make it easier to use the “estimate TSS” feature. I have lots of workouts with only HR data (tough to justify a power meter on my fat bike), rather than having to go into each workout, if there was a drop down available to go through and quickly estimate effort, it would get the data much closer to the ballpark much faster.


I totally agree with you here. We are keeping this in mind as we continue to improve our application :slight_smile:

Isn’t there already a drop down with intensity levels?

But to the real point… You should totally have a power meter on your fat bike. Just to be kick arse ironic. @jbeck

There is a drop down, but you must go into each workout to access it. If, like me, someone wanted to go through and mark up 50 or so rides, I don’t want to navigate down into each ride. It’s more for speed and efficiency than anything else, or that I’m lazy when it comes to that sort of thing.

Also, I absolutely plan to get power on the fat bike!

@Bryce thanks for the response!