Training plan - Assault on Mount Mitchell

I’m registered for the Assault on Mount Mitchell in May. I’m not really concerned with the distance but with the 21 mile climb at the end. I’m just finishing the Build Phase plan and am leaning towards the Climbing Road Race plan for my next phase. Any thoughts? I live in NH so elevation is the norm, but long climbs don’t exist here. Last November I rode to mile 16 on Mount Lemmon and felt pretty good but that was with a summers worth of miles on legs. Thanks for any advice/input.

Climbing RR plan would make the most sense to me. Nice on that climb you have like 2 decent spots where you descent to recover some.

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I’d lean more toward century as that will be long sustained effort. Climbing road race is more more shorter climbs with surges. Just my $0.02

I tend to agree with @aydraper. I would do Sustained Power Build and either the Century or perhaps a Time Trial specialtry plan. Something that has a lot of longer sweet spot and threshold intervals in it. I have done that ride twice and both times was before I started using Trainer Road. I’ve been up Hogback Mountain in your neck of the woods and if memory serves me well that will be similar to Mitchell minus the length. Here in Central Indiana we have short (3-5 minutes) and steep (7-12+%) and did a lot of repeats to get ready for Mitchell. It worked for me. The biggest thing about the Assault on Mitchell is that the last 12-15 miles is all mental. It’s easy to psych yourself out. Just stay relaxed and keep turning the pedals over and you will be OK.