Training plan advice for long distance tri with plenty of time

I’m hoping for some advice from the TrainerRoad community. Apologies for the long post.

I’ve been doing triathlons for 5-6 years focusing on longer distance, probably 10 middles and 4 ironman distance. My last triathlon was 18 months ago and after that i felt like a needed a break from training for an event.

I’m planning to do a long distance race next year - possibly Celtman in mid june if i can get a place (3km cold sea swim, 200km undulating bike, 42km hilly run with 1500+m ascent).

Between now and then i have more than enough time to do a long distance base, build and specialty plan. So i’m a bit unsure how best to utilise my time whilst also not wanting to burn myself out. In the past i’ve found my endurance is a limiter - ie power dropping off beyond 4hrs in races, not managing to follow up the bike with a run i think i should be capable of.

I’m able to train most if not all days and 10-15hrs a week is achievable. I’m planning to follow the mid volume plans.

So my questions…

  1. How best to use my extra few months. I’m thinking build my base. Do the 12 week tri base, then maybe a short swim focused few weeks, then restart base, build, speciality? (I’m actually in week 6 of the base plan now)

  2. How best to prepare for the run section of a long distance race like this where the run makes up a significantly bigger proportion of the race (time and effort wise) - the winner did the run in around 5hrs, 10th place and back people take 6+ hours.

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions.


hey R,

regarding 1, IMO a swim focus can be great. Matt Dixon’s books have some good stuff on how to structure a ‘post-season’, or in other words, how to prepare to have a great season. I wouldn’t advise to repeat the same base plan twice, rather check out SSB or Traditional base. also check out the thread Long term plan for a 70.3 A race next August which is on 70.3 but the stuff transfers to full distance

with 2, I let the experienced full distance people chip in, but the TR plans should prepare you well - you will build fitness in the same way and then race at a bit lower %.

cheers and good luck