Training in a detached wooden garage in the UK - tips?

You do have to open it with a connection to update, say you change days around, update FTP etc.

I run TR on a Android TV box. TR say it’s unsupported, but Play Store allowed me to download it, and it gets updates. I hadn’t worried about leaving it out there, but actually went and brought it in after your post!

One of the reasons I went firestick is you can connect by ethernet, but I’ve better reception in the my shed than the far end of the house!

Here’s my (functional) set up. Have an old computer table where my daughters bike is in this photo now - that holds remotes, drinks, tissues, gloves etc.



Main thing is to have it tidy and accessible. The cold doesn’t matter after five minutes, but wear a jersey/jacket on your way over and until you’ve warmed up. Wear bib kings for the sessions and sock.



All good replieds and I’m often also in a very cold garage with no heating. The only motivation I need is that I’m getting better and it’s doing me good.
As others have said make sure everything is ready to - get your kit and drinks ready the night before and layer up. I used to get it wrong but never came back into the house - just made a mental note for next time.
Yes it’s hard leaving a nice warm bed at silly o’clock in the morning for a sub zero garage at times but look at the positives you get. It also means you’re less likely to bail on actual rides and events if it gets a bit chilly.
The other thing is that no matter how bad it is the house is only 20m away - that’s never the case on a ride.

Were cyclists and we enjoy "suffering":rofl: :rofl:

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I run TR on my phone, if you could do the same and use the tablet for your entertainment then wouldn’t need the PC?

I would say : insulate. I did this with my similar double garage. I used 40mm Celotex and plasterboard. If you wanted to keep in simple and didn’t mind it a bit rough looking, do the walls, but don’t plasterboard the ceiling, which was a real pain.
It makes the room more functional as a space, and you can happily tinker with bike and other stuff in the winter.
Def cable the internet in there as the insulation is foil backed and will disrupt wifi.

TR training in a cold garage 2019

Have an attached but cold garage I have to wander through the garden to get into…got myself one of those cheap chinese diesel heaters. So when I get back from work on the motorbike, first thing I do before opening the garage is hit the remote key fob and the heater turns on. Once I’ve got motorbike put away, back in house, sorted stuff, got ready, it’s around 25 minutes later before I return to the garage, which has gone from 5’c up to around 12 'c… I can also use the remote to turn it off when I get as warm as I want to be.

Weekends whilst sat in the house I’ll hit the remote some half hour before doing my session. It’s just nice to go into a warm place to train, one less reason to skip a workout!

Yes I could easily go into a cold garage and train and I use too, remove the layers as I warm up… but having a warm garage to go into makes it far more appealing…thinking back, the times it was just above freezing, yes the body would warm up but then mix in a good sweat half way through an intense workout, freezing air and then blasted at you with the fan… I’d rather air that is warm than freezing blasted at me when I full on sweating… I’ll stick to my heated garage now!

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Like others I also train all yr round in an unheated garage with an outside walk to get to. The only suggestions I would add is;

  • Add at least 5 mins to the warm up every workout.
  • Have some gloves handy for the first 10 mins
  • Sometimes I’ll make a coffee whilst getitng changed inside to take with me.
  • Definately agree with the comment of a dedicated trainer bike (I use an old steel mtb frame permanently on the trainer)

Honestly, if you get practised at going out fully dressed and strip off during the warm up you’ll be glad of the cold garage. (I’m usually down to just shorts after the first 15mins.)


Covered already - just be fully prepared and ready for session before you go out there.

Very similar situation. I have gotten used to allowing for an extra 5-10 minutes of warmup (using the ‘extend’ button) where i can really let myself come up to temperature and enjoy my coffee sitting up. Finish my coffee, coat off and go

Leave your shoes in the house so they are warm when you put them on. Costs nothing to do this. Then I would insulate as you have the $$.

Our attached garage is insulated but got down to freezing the first winter we lived here. I since have put a small oil-style electric heater in the garage. Set it almost as low as it would go. HUGE difference in the garage. Not always warm – but I prefer 10C to 0C for a 5am ride.

As you continue on, if you run a cable out there for internet, be sure to do it in a conduit to protect from things.

I’m impressed by you guys training in an out building. I seem to remember reading that Bradley Wiggins had a similar setup and enjoyed the spartan workout. I prefer the kitchen myself and although the majority of the bikes are in a shed, I need to be indoors to do my TR sufferring.

yep…10’c is a huge difference to 0’c, especially when that fan turns on and you’re sweating…

If your recovery drink hasn’t frozen it isn’t that cold.

Love hearing on the podcast and reading on here about people using multiple fans, yet back in December I remember wearing a base layer, a long sleeve jersey and toe thingies and still being cold.


Our last house had an uninsulated and unheated conservatory that I used for training. During winter months it was usually 0-5C inside. Now that I’ve moved indoors in our new house, I miss the cold environment.

Heating was never a concern for me, I would still get too hot in there. But the start of the workout sucked because of the fan at full speed, pushing cold air onto my cold body. Layer up. I used to start with a jersey and arm warmers over my base layer, then ditch those over the first 10 minutes. Sometimes used to wear knee warmers because my knees would never manage to warm up enough to feel comfortable.

I have the opposite problem and train in the spare bedroom of a tiny flat which is always too warm!

Shivering in a cold wooden shed is what I dream about :sweat_smile:

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Has anyone tried using an electric heated fan?

Sounds counterintuitive I know, but it was 0°C this morning, and it’s the flow of air I think that’s more important than the temp.

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In the winter I do the warm up and “openers” with the fan off.

20secs then to get off the bike and switch the fan on before the main workout.

I must say that I am enjoying reading this thread. Keep it coming, peoples…

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Two tips for fan use in a cold garage/shed:

  1. Get a remote switch for that moment when you’re ready for cold air.

  2. Have the fan close to you and able to be directed at just your head. On very cold days I never have airflow directed at my body, it makes me too cold with the wind chill, but my head NEVER gets too cold even with an 18inch industrial fan literally a foot from my face.

Much the same as everyone else, single skin garage, no heating or insulation. Dress warm for the first few minutes of the warm up and then after 10 minutes its shorts and shirts with a fan in my face. Overshoes work for me to keep my feet warm.

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