TrainerRoad T-Shirt

This just means you have to do ironman uk or wales


I think my wife would see the the ski trip to Tahoe when we stopped at TR in Reno and I walked out with a TR shirt. I guess I am doing Cape Epic 2021.

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So @Nate_Pearson, my brother frequents your area quite a bit for work or used so. If he was to get back out there how does one visit the office to snag me some swag? Do you need an appointment? I wish I was heading there but live in GA and don’t see it in the cards soon.

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Yes, good question: does one need an appointment? I really need to come visit you guys sometime soon!

I just stopped by and the TR staff were more than accommodating. Of course I picked the day that Nate, Chad, and Pete were all out of the office. Jonathan was locked in his office with his do not disturb sign on the door. Maybe next year when I am out there I’ll get to meet them.

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I saw last September TR had opened up ordering of TR-branded kit using Jakroo. Any plans to do that again? I’d love to order a kit, but didn’t start training with you guys until earlier this year. Deffo missed the boat on this one.

I bought a TR kit, and was lucky enough to get a Tee shirt. TR is very much a statement of my cycling, both in name and in performance…Thanks!

No. Although we had a ton of requests for them people didn’t end up buying many.


Seeing us at events is best. Geoff was probably a bit Over zealous telling people to stop by. I know we’ve said this in the past but I’d like to shy away from it until we have a more formal tour process in place. Right now Jonathan or I do it and it can pull us out of some mission critical stuff.


I admit I’m one of the guilty here. They were extremely expensive with none of the volume discount opportunities you usually see through a company like Jackroo. Not sure if that’s why others didn’t buy, but it’s one man’s reason.

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I would buy a T Shirt at $40 for sure

I’m not totally sure why you closed the store, to be honest. I thought the way Jakroo worked, they just handle everything, and the store can be open perpetually. We keep our team kit store open year-round.

Bummer, but I get it.

You guys need to come to Boston so I can get some swag! Although my club has some sponsorship from TR (we have logo on our kit), so maybe you can make me an honorary TR person and I can hand out swag at our upcoming CX race lol

Someone local should visit TR headquarters and then distribute some swag to us forum members!


So when are you coming to Perth Australia to do a podcast?

There is an easy way to do it! Publish the logos etc as SVG/EPS for subscribers and let us get our own printed/embroidered/crayoned…

@larskoelle… I did get to Bodensee and saw them. And @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan didn’t give me a shirt or a mug. :cry: But maybe it was just me and they’d have given you one.

I’ve had periods of time where I’ve been pretty serious about training and competing on the Concept 2 rower. Concept 2 has this thing where when you hit certain milestones with your training numbers they will send you a shirt and/or pin. I remember getting both when I hit my first million meters logged, the full list of items/meters needed is here:

Maybe TR could do something similar using length of time you’ve been an active user or number of workouts completed or something along those lines? It might help strengthen TR loyalty and also help make things more fair because not all of us live close to the TR offices or races. Just a thought, I realize this may not be feasible at all right now (or ever).


Just don’t do it for completing Disaster!

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