TrainerRoad Kits are Here!


The TrainerRoad storefront has been closed. We will consider future options to purchase TrainerRoad kits, but we have no ETA on when that would be available.

You’ve asked for our kits for a long time! We didn’t want to do it before because fulfilling physical goods was not a core competency for us. But luckily there’s Jakroo! They will ship custom kits around the world for us and handle all the support/returns!

If you want to buy a TrainerRoad kit, you can purchase them here:

Here I am in the Thermal Long Sleeve. I’m 6’6 185lbs (in this pic) and I’m wearing a size large. I normally wear a medium tall-slim t-shirt or a large t-shirt depending on the brand.

The thermal works really well for cross season!

Here’s a two piece. I believe I’m in Cuore here but the design is identical.

Additional Kit Sizing Info

Jakroo has an online Fit & Sizing page. There you can find information on what size kit is right for you.

If you’re still unsure about what size to get, Jakroo has a Guaranteed Sizing Recommendation policy. Under this policy, Jakroo will replace a mis-sized item, for the cost of shipping, if they recommended a size that does not fit. If you do not get a size recommendation from Jakroo, they cannot guarantee your fit.

Jakroo also has a Limited Warranty Program that applies to all items in the TrainerRoad Team Store. If you purchase a mis-sized item without a size recommendation from Jakroo, under their warranty they will not accept a return. Returns apply only for defects or faulty items only, not for sizing issues.

If you would like a sizing recommendation from Jakroo, contact with the following information:

  • Data Points needed (actual measurements, not shirt or pant size, etc.):
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist (at navel)
  • Hips
  • Inseam
  • Subjective Fit Preference: body-forming, regular, loose/comfortable
  • Items for service: (ex: Nova Jersey, Solar Pro Bib, etc)

Kit Samples
Before purchasing kit, Jakroo also has the option to request a sample kit. To request a sample kit, you need to fill out their fit kit request form and email it to

FitKit Contract (1).pdf (40.7 KB)

Note: if you go this route, Jakroo makes it clear that you will have to pay a $100 deposit before receiving your requested products. Then, once the samples are returned, you’ll get your deposit back, minus the cost of shipping and handling.


So cool! I’ve been waiting for this since like the 10th episode of the podcast! :heart_eyes:


My dream is to get dropped in a race by someone in a TR kit who I don’t know. :biking_man: :fire:


Oh SNAP! Heck yeah!


Most important question: Where is the coffee mug option?
2nd: no t-shirts?


Co-sign on t-shirts. @Nate_Pearson - Cotton Bureau is an excellent option especially if you don’t want the headache of maintaining stock:

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Oo, we will look into this!


We’re going to switch mugs, but it’s the same drop shipping problem. If you come to our office we will give you a mug and t-shirt :-D.

We’ll check out for tshirts.


My nightmare is to be wearing it and to get dropped by a bunch of people. That’s a very likely scenario, won’t stop me from buying it though :):grinning:


I feel your pain! Gotta have your act together to represent! lol :smirk:


Nice looking Kit guys and reasonably priced great addition. Might have to look into getting one here in the near future.

How long will the order be open? Or will this be a standing order for Jakroo ?

It will be up for as long as we sell kits through Jakroo. Right now we have no plans to ever close it!


@Nate_Pearson What is Jakroo’s exchange policy for sizing issues? I was unable to find it on their site.

Good quesiton, I don’t know. @chelsea do you know? Or is it @chelseahejny I’m not sure which username I should use :).

Fantastic. Even better is the fact that I can respond to the form directly through email. You guys continue to amaze me.


Any suggestions how to convince my wife to buy another kit, especially when I only wear bibshorts on the trainer and have already a full wardrobe.
Damn, I really want that kit. It looks rad! Congrats!


If I support this company, they will continue to exist and build better tools which will:

  • Reduce future medical costs because of my improved health
  • Keep me off the roads and prevent cars from hitting me
  • Allow me to grow old with you

Aim for the heartstrings, Chris! :heart:


@kfred35 @Nate_Pearson I just emailed our Jakroo contact to confirm this, but from what I know Jakroo offers a limited warranty program. Under that, they state all sales are final. Unless your kit has a manufacturing defect, they do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges. They also state that sizing and quality samples are available upon request by contacting your account manager, which would be me. I’m not totally certain at this point how we’d manage that. I’ll report back here as soon as I knock brains with our Jakroo rep to see if there’s an easy way to handle potential sizing issues! :slight_smile:


Maybe we could do some pics of TR riders at the office in them along with weight and sizes to help people out.