TrainerRoad App

What have they done to the App!?
Me no like
I’ve been using the app for 12 months half distance triathlon training, and am about to embark on full distance tri training.
My shock when I opened the app after an ‘update’ to face a calendar and whole new weekly layout.
I’ve added the base phase plan, but now I cannot view the swim and run routines in app, you have to open to view - what a backward step. Or have I missed something?

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See this thread for planned and implemented features, and related discussion. Included are comments about current and planned functions for run and swim related to triathlons.

Thanks, it appears they are working on reintroducing something they removed! I work from an iPad, hence my reliance on the app, I’ve already managed to accidentally delete workouts from the calendar and as there’s no ‘undo’ function the easiest way to rectify was to delete the entire plan and reinstall, not ideal once you’ve got any data recorded!