TR Price Increase to $189.95/year ($19.95/month)

So in effect what makes us faster are the training plans. Xert is half the price and has a training plan component. Plenty of people seeing big gains there. Half the price, did TrainerRoad make you twice as fast? Doubtful.

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I am perfectly fine with the new price and would be totally ok paying that. To me TR has two unique selling points, the vast training (plan) library and its incredible user base (and your connection to them). You put a lot of effort into both, and it shows.

But because of your openness when it comes to future product plans, I think the other members expected to be treated differently than Netflix treats us.


I’m grandfathered but what are we really talking about here? $0.53 per day (based on a 360 day year)? Frankly, the value to me exceeds the cost by a dollar, so I would sign on vs. the local trainer that charges $250 PER 8 WEEK SESSION!

Bottom line, @nate and crew are worth it.


Thanks for the reply, between Mrs Fleas apps for triathlon and my cycling apps it has got rather expensive. I long for the day when one app will satisfy all our desires!!! It does get a bit frustrating having to have two TrainerRoad accounts, then Training Peaks etc, etc. I’m excited/curious to see what is coming, my personal wish would be for more individualised workouts based on your physiology rather than just a percentage of FTP. Good luck.

Not only, we pay even for the upcoming swim and run features that me and other cyclists don’t need.
For me TR was a cycling thing and that is shifting. Keep it at core, no analysis features needed, there are others for and TR will never beat them. TrainingPeaks or WKO to name one…

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Ultimately, TR can chose any way they want to announce a price increase, and any timing for that.

I think the biggest misstep here is the way this change happened (more specifically was/was not announced).

  1. Whether they mean to or not, they effectively set a precedent for their company with the early notification of the price increase last September.

  2. They knowingly announced the price change early on the forum, Facebook, and podcast.

    • They even encouraged users to “take advantage” of the opportunity to join the service at the current “low” rate and lock that in with their grandfather pricing policy.
    • Right or wrong… intentional or not, that set the bar and expectations of future price changes from users.
  3. Probably more surprising to me is that the notification for this price change came in a 3rd reply to a customer complaint on the forum.

    • It’s 24 hours after the apparent price change, and I still have not seen what I would term an “official” announcement. No email, no forum post in the “Announcements” section, no press release… nothing.
    • The only knowledge of this was driven from, and continued in a forum thread. A thread that could be unnoticed by a fair number of people (even if they are members here).
  4. Even as they chose to not offer a pre-warning (which could be argued either way), I still think an “official” declaration of the price change on the actual date of release (apparently yesterday morning) in various forms (email current subscribers, forum post in the appropriate section, and press release to the main indoor training/cycling world sites) would have been appropriate.

    • As it stands, we have clear statements from Nate here, so we know we are getting good info. But the appearance is a reaction to a customer complaint, along with the heated discussion about the change in light of the points above.
    • This type of thread was bound to happen with this change, even in the best of circumstances. However, there is a distinct difference in proactively stating a change (official TR statement in a primary resource), and handling the repercussions of that vs what we have here.

It’s a black eye for a company that set a pretty high bar for customer relations and notifications in the past. Change is hard… and sometimes, the way that change is handled matters as much as the change itself.


Dude prices go up all the time without warning. I needed to fill my gas tank and figured I’d do it in the afternoon rather then the morning, it went up 40 cents. I couldn’t complain to the attendant. Movie ticket prices go up over time. Food prices go up.

TR has the right to increase their prices at any time to any price they want. They have been doing so much more for free as well as for members. Had they just randomly dropped prices no one would be complaining here.

The ones who are complaining saying that they only use it six months a year or something like that and its gets too expensive. If you use it 20 times a month for six months that comes out to 120 workouts. If you signed up for a new plan at $189 a year that comes out to $1.58 per workout. Thats hardly anything.

I know people hate the upfront cost, but once thats paid it is really easy to forget about and realize how much you are getting for the year. And I said it earlier if someone is that upset/feels they do not need all the features TR offers, well you don’t need a subscription somewhere to do a 2x20 @94% workout, or a 3x8 @105%, etc. Can always just set something up yourself and hit the lap button on your Garmin.


I quit Zwift after two years due to a price hack and ultimately I will quit TR for the same reason.


My reaction when going to the forum today. :neutral_face:


I guess from my point of view, it would seem odd to send out a mass email to all subscribers to essentially tell them ‘Your price isn’t changing’. That’s just noise, and if the effect of that email is causing a bunch of people who weren’t yet subscribers to jump in before the increase, you kind of hurt your overall goal of the price increase.

If I didn’t stumble across this forum post, I’d have no awareness of the price-increase, and I would likely never have awareness of it, not next month, not four months down the line, not in a year.

If I were a seasonal subscriber-- I’d just expect there to be an alert on the subscription cancellation page to let me know the renewal costs, so I can make that ‘hmm… maybe I’ll stay subscribed year round’ choice.

  • That is only one avenue of notification that I suggested above.
  • Personally, I can make a case either way in the email to current user instance.
  • But the apparent “silence” exhibited with a lack of any official channel at all is just out of place to me.
  • Again, it’s largely as a result of their prior level of notification. That same effort could have been applied at the release date (not necessarily before), and yet we still have nothing approaching the info of the last update.
  • That is simply timing. I stated that the the notification could have taken place at the SAME time as the change, not necessarily before.
    • As I said above, the choice to do a pre-notification or not is one option.
    • Short of this thread/complaint (or the potential for a similar one by an observant person), there may have been no notification at all.
    • Maybe that’s fine, but it sure strikes me as odd considering the rather open line of communication that this group has set in the past.

It all boils down to expectations. TR works better than most companies I experience, with respect to customer contact, turn around time, and overall openness. That trend seems a bit tainted with the current approach they chose.


Hi @Nate,

It would be really helpful if you could put on the account page the expiry date of the card that you have on file. I couldn’t see this so I proactively updated my card details last week just in case before my annual renewal. I would have hated to have lost out on grandfathering because the card on file had expired.

Keep up the good work




Not sending out an announcement to current subscribers concurrent with implementing the price increase was a missed opportunity. I understand not wanting to announce it in advance but TR missed an opportunity to personally remind us all of the very generous lifetime price lock! How do you pass that up? Instead, Nate just gave each of us as much as $90 a year and we find out about it on the forum in a complaint thread?

And, the current subscriber base is a huge source of referrals and viral marketing. We need to be in the loop.


Good point-- some people might get a warm fuzzy feeling for locking in a saving, but it’s not a missed opportunity, if TR think it’s worth doing so. At the moment only a literal handful of people have read this forum, so compared to the entire TR subscriber base essentially no-one really knows there’s been a price increase. They could send out an alert, literally whenever-- the timing makes no difference to existing subscribers, since they’re all on the legacy pricing.

I’m guessing the balance is the wider you announce a price increase, the more likely a new subscriber will feel… burnt, maybe even enough to turn away, e.g. if I were signing up for a TR subscription today, or even next week and learnt they increased their prices yesterday, I’d be a little annoyed. The only way to help prevent that pain is invisible price increases, like at any normal retail shop.

I especially see @mcneese.chad frustration/concern because of the awesome amount of time they put in on this forum, and I can see why he might feel a breakdown in communication because of it-- that business vs. community decision making sometimes doesn’t swing the way you might have chosen yourself.


And there is was, considering putting my subscription on hold since i haven’t touched the trainer in over a month.

maybe that’s the kick in the nads i needed to get back on :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to think that I spend my money on things that will actually help me improve. I bought a cheaper bike, because it sits on the trainer most of the time and weight doesn’t matter there. I’m not as skinny as I can be so the additional weight of the bike fails in comparison to the weight I need to lose. I don’t spend a ton of money on clothes because of the reasons above. I don’t spend a lot of money on brand new, light-weight, components because of the reasons above. But I did spend money on a good power meter and a training subscription. Those things help me become faster and healthier. I allocated my money to where I would see the biggest improvements.

I still think TR is worth the subscription fee. It can actually make people faster and healthier. Those things are worth spending money on IMHO.



I’ve been using TR for just about a year and it seems to me the focus is very much on competitive athtletes (which is not my case). But with Zwift and this apparent trainer boom, I’m guessing a lot of potential new users don’t race, they just want to get fitter (faster).

I know that TR has plans for mostly everyone, but the other resources – basically the podcast, there’s not much else really – seem to deal with race situations. And the forum, of course, but that depend on the users.

Maybe this specificity is what they’re going for. If you can ditch Training Peaks and have everything on TR, perfect.

I can’t complain. I joined literally DAYS before last year’s price increase, só it’s still very much a good deal.

On a slight tangent here, but the majority of users in the UK (and I assume others outside of the US) have two options. To use paypal and get screwed on the exchange rate, or to pay via your debit/credit card and have an additional non-sterling transaction fee. As the price goes up so does this fee. Zwift at least has the option of paying in GBP


All the “paying for a TR subscription is still an absolute bargain compared to hiring a real coach” posts are seriously missing the point. 99% of new users aren’t deciding between paying for a real coach versus TR… they’re deciding between TR @ $19.95 p/m versus Zwift @ $14.99 p/m versus Sufferfest @ $12.99 p/m etc…

Unless they release a new feature that blows the competition out of the water pretty sharpish TR is going to be a real difficult sell to new users (I say this as someone who has always recommended TR in the past).