TR Nutrition Plans + TR Training Plans

@Nate_Pearson @Chad @Jonathan Are there any future plans to include basic calorie/nutrition guidelines or suggestions to accompany TR plans?

I eat a reasonably healthy diet and am fine nutrition-wise on my own for SSB II. When I move to a mid or high volume plan in the future it would be extremely helpful to understand what I could do to improve tomorrow’s workout, pre-ride, post-ride, and in-workout options.

I know, I know… everyone is different and has different goals. But you have a ton of data and could make some educated guesses based on height, weight, watt/k and plan intensity. Or you could have the same sort of decision funnel like you do for the current plans – fuel up, lose weight, maintain performance, etc.

It would be even more awesomer -when the calendar is integrated into the mobile app- if those suggestions were included as both optional push notifications and calendar notes.

PS. I would totally pay extra for this feature.



There’s no plans for a full blow nutrition product. I can’t figure out how to do anything 10x better than anyone else.

There will probably be more onboarding education about cycling nutrition centered around the endurance diet at sometime.


Everyone is gonna be on that captain crunch diet soon! Lol


…doesn’t have to be better than everyone else, just better than what I’m eating now! :wink:

A super simple nutrition plan would be cool.


To piggyback on this, what about calorie tracking integrated into the calendar? :flushed::flushed:
Currently not a huge fan of the apps available today…
I’d pay for this feature :joy:


“Read and follow The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald

Done! :smiley: :white_check_mark:


That’s a BIG feature! We’d need a database of all foods!

The only other thing we could do is just let people type in raw calories, which I don’t think would be used by more than a single digit percent of our users.


If it’s easy to implement the ability to just enter a raw number, I would totally use this feature. Being able to see everything in one place is great (and it’s definitely easier to stay on track without having to log in to a separate service to do it). For what it’s worth, the other services I’ve used to do calorie tracking had poorly maintained databases for a lot of foods and so I ended up spending most of the days typing in raw numbers anyway.

Edit: I can also imagine this integrating with the calendar quite nicely!


I realize that this would be a HUGE undertaking, but it would be cool to have the ability to choose different “lessons” (in an audible format maybe??) to accompany the common endurance workouts. I’ve done Pettit like 30 times this year…I’m not really paying attention to the text or doing the form drills at this point.

As a fitness nerd, I personally would be interested in learning more about exercise science, nutrition, etc. in a more structured format. You could have like basic, intermediate and expert courses on each topic and riders could build their knowledge as they progress through the courses. You could probably pull a bunch of the content out of the podcasts you guys have already produced and organize them around central themes or topics.

You might need to clone Coach Chad to get this done though…

Could you pull the total/net calories and macros from MyFitnessPal and similar apps? It might be nice to see that visualised in the calendar.

I understand it’s not a main focus for TR, just playing devil’s advocate.

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Might as well pull my daily steps and sleep from Garmin Connect while they are at it :man_shrugging::rofl:


  1. Eat everything

  2. Eat quality

  3. Eat carb centered

  4. Eat enough

  5. Eat individually

I can probably handle that :slight_smile:


IF you’re writing nutrition plans can you please make them so I can eat as much pizza as I want to and still be fast on a bike?

NB - the amount of pizza I actually want to eat probably counts as a crime.


How much would you be willing to pay for such a service? It seems to me that if you find a good nutritionist/dietician that’s privy to the nutritional needs of endurance training, you’d be able to get this service.

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what service?

@Minty_One I would pay 25-100% of what I currently spend annually with TR – depending on complexity and actual value. But, as Nate mentioned, the development effort is high. Total TR subscribers that would do the same probably doesn’t make the ROI business case. Not to mention we don’t know what else they’ve got cooking (pun intended) for future enhancement releases.

Thanks @Nate_Pearson for the quick response. I still think there are degrees of achieving this that could follow the Perfection is the Enemy of Progress mantra. It doesn’t have to be 10x better - it just has to give some basic guidelines (@JoeX).


For someone to work with you to give you what you would like to know in a personalized manner. I guess there would be a price for such a service. There’s a world of podcasts and/or books out there. Podcasts will cost you time and attention. Books would have to be purchased so there’s a monetary cost there too. I guess if you want to spend less time and have only the juicy parts fed to you, that will cost more?

If you were really going to “go there” you’d license an API into MyFitnessPal - the great thing about the current paradigm is that no one wants to reinvent the wheel. Minimal dev effort, sync data across. But what is the customer need really? I can’t see the cost/benefit equation in this working out favourably.

Problem with any kind of advice that could be construed as medical advice is responsibility/liability - I work in the health services field. As much as I’d love the simplicity of TR telling me “have eggs for breakfast”, “salmon for lunch”, and “no beer just a kilo of beetroot for dinner” …joking aside you need professionals to do this both responsibly and legally.

I realise I’m contradicting my original position, but to revert, I’d still love a super simple reminder like “have some bacon this morning, it’s Polar Bear after all.” :wink:

I guess I’m not really looking for personalized advice, but more just primers on general topics related to exercise and nutrition.

That product already exists. You can teach yourself with MOOCs like this.