The Podcast - Too much biology?

I tend to agree on the biology thing. The replies by Chad tend to eat up a good chunk of the podcast since there usually is a TON of info on these types of topics.

There are a fair number of user-submitted questions that seem to be better addressed by your doctor or could be found by going through the effort of reading studies yourself—what Chad just ends up doing.

Instead of regurgitating information about TR plans and how to follow them, I would like to hear more deep dives into race strategy, training strategy, training for average Joes, and talking about things that actually make you faster. Don’t get me wrong, there is already a lot of this, but there can never be enough.

There is a lot that can be said about discussing the intricacies of training for all types of cycling disciplines. For example, CX racing was hardly scratched this year on the pod. This is a bummer because it’s probably the most accessible and safest forms of bike racing, but it’s also a discipline that requires a fair bit of knowledge and prep.

Honestly, I think @Nate_Pearson, @Chad, and @Jonathan have an aversion to cyclocross hence whey they don’t discuss it much and don’t race it. They don’t participate because they can’t handle the efforts, the pain! It’s too much! HTFU, gentlemen! Just playing, but seriously, it’d be nice to hear more about CX on the pod.

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I’m like that as well for the most part. :man_shrugging:

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I for one, enjoy the rabbit holes!

Too much biology? Exciting, it’s time to subscribe to the podcast again!

I unsubscribed a while ago when I realized there was nothing on the podcast that was making me faster anymore. It’s ok to be a good old talk show, with Q&A at the very end of an episode, but there are just better podcasts out there if you look for more objective/science-oriented conversation

I got a lot from the discussion re sprinting this week. I really appreciate how the biology information was translated into relevant training techniques. It was a missing part of the training puzzle for me.
Frustratingly, I can’t put it into practice until after an op and recovery; but it is one of the things I am really excited about as I plan my “come back”.
Thanks TR guys :smiley:

pls name some!

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I love the vibe of the podcast and I’m a longtime listener/customer. I like the stories about races and rides the guys do plus their suggestions on equipment and nutrition, it’s great to hear what works for them which helps me apply that to my training. (Got rid of gatorskins, wow what a difference) They are positive, funny and have a culture of constant improvement which I find motivating and enjoy listening to. The long deep dives drag to far for me but I appreciate the info. I really like the training focused topics (plan structure, training etc) and Amber brings a great perspective. For deeper endurance training theory and other methods and opinions (fat max, training with HR and power, polarized etc.) there are a few other podcasts that scratch that itch for me but TR is my go to and I look forward to it on a weekly basis.


I am looking for some more training related podcasts. Can you recommend some? Thanks!

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Really surprised to read all these comments. The biology deep dives are my favourite bit by a long way and the thing that keep me listening in full week after week.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I’m a lot more interested in “how to get faster” from a science perspective and genuine interest as I don’t race competitively (just TTs and HCs for the fun).


Faster by FLO especially episodes 27, 30, 31. Velo news Fast Talk and That triathlon show (even though I’m not a triathlete) are a few recommendations.

I tried listening to a VeloNews Fast Talk podcast. The topic, “Preventing cycling injuries through strength & conditioning with Jess Elliot,” really interested me. But one of the regular host dudes interrupted their guest (Jess) so often that it became unbearable and I bailed about halfway through. And this was during a solo road trip with miles to go; I was a captive audience. Granted, that was just a sample of one, but it didn’t click for me the way the TR ACC podcast does.

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Why would we want to limit them. I never get 30 minutes in and wish it was over.

I often find the “deep dives” rather rambling and not very practical.

I can often see Nate and Jonathon zoning out a bit as Chad throws in too many scientific terms to help add substance to the topic.

This can easily be overdone and they end up rattling off stuff to protect their backsides rather than draw empirically useful conclusions. (Litigious USA…)

I think 10 mins max for these health/nutrition deep dives.

I also find too much time is spent on race tactics which the vast majority will never utilise.

Podcast rating for me = 7 or 8 out of 10

The right genetics, maintaining a proper diet, a reasonable training program and adequate rest make you faster. The rest is entertainment.


I personally enjoy the deep dives into the physiological side of things. When you search for scientific articles and information on the web, it’s hard to sift through the mountain of information (or visa versa, you can’t find anything useful). And lots of times, you can only access the abstract (if that). So I appreciate the crew for finding those articles and give a more in depth overview of the research (or lack thereof), and how you could apply it to your training regime. In addition, it goes to show how much effort they put into creating these different training plans to make us faster and stronger athletes.


As a physician, I get bored with the deep dives. I understand that many people love them though. Just please put down to what time of the podcast I should go to if I want to skip it. Currently I just go to the 20:00 mark.

One suggestion I have is to have rapid fire questions. Lots of questions, each host takes turns to answer the question in 1 min before a buzzer moves them on.


Maybe they can add a beginners segment, or a roll out series to listen to before tuning into the podcast. I think there are new guys like us and guys who have a big background in structured training who wouldn’t benefit from that content because they already know.

I find it reassuring that there is a scientific basis for the torture they propose, but I admit I often don’t know what they are talking about.

I prefer banter than fast fire question and answers.

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I love the biology chemistry talk. I would hate for them to stop. It makes it really interesting especially since I have a medical background.