The new calendar feature kills the current training plan?

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Just to add that I’m one more that thinks this calendar is great, but don’t screw with what you did well! assign outdoor rides, total ease/flexibility of managing the plan (some of us have hectic lifes, I’m sorry!), etc…

And, sorry if I missed it, but where the h**l is my plan feature, AND my plan history!!!???

It looks good, but after some days of scrolling through this, damn annoying! think better next time, moving on and screwing the past, had it to be this way!?

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You can apply a training plan, then do them out of order, it just won’t mark them off fo you :(.

I’d argue that you’re not really following a plan at this point and just working out by how you feel each day and what looks good to you (which is totally acceptable).

We’ve got persona for this type of user and we plan on serving them. Coach Chad is putting the building blocks in place now for it.

An engineer is working on adding your past plan history right now, I think it will be out this week (always subject to change).

It won’t let me do this because I’ve skipped so many days riding outdoors during summer that it says it can’t go back that far to add a plan. I was mostly though my current plan and want to finish it. I don’t care about the schedule I just want the rides queued up for when I want to use the trainer.

What if I want it just keep pushing all activities forward until the “skipped” ride is complete or I manually choose to actually skip it? Just because I don’t get to ride one day, doesn’t mean I actually wanted to skip that ride. It just mean my training plan gets pushed to a later end date.

If I understand what you’re having trouble with: you have a plan loaded up into the calendar and you’re part-way through. You’ve missed a few days and you want to complete the plan in workout order. However, since you missed a few days, TR is picking up the workouts based on the current date (so you’re missing the workouts in between).

If this is the case, my wife had this issue as well. She is following the plan in workout order, but just wants to do workouts around her other activities. In the previous version, when you did the workout that matched one in your plan it made the association. So, as long as you did the next workout in your plan, you were fine. I spent some time today trying to clean up her calendar to adjust for the delay. While not as easy as TR just auto-magically assigning the workouts, it was quite easy. What I did was:

  • Push out the week ahead (this will make next week blank). The feature in under the 3 dots on the right side of the week in the calendar (image below).
  • Then drag the workouts from last week and this week into the space left in the remaining days of this week and the blank week next week.

It’s hard to describe in words, but hopefully you get it. It took probably 20-30 secs of drag and drop, really easy.

If you’re going to consistently miss days in a row in your plan and find it tedious to keep having to move workouts around in calendar, you might want to consider dropping down to a lower volume plan and basing the plan on something you can consistently complete and then add in extra workouts when you can do them.

This kind of gets at what I’m saying. I haven’t loaded a plan into my calendar yet for a couple reasons. First, I’ve read about all the trouble people are having with it here, and understand that the TR team is working on some fixes, so thinking I may wait to see what those are. Second, I like many others, missed the one time prompt to migrate my current plan (although I don’t think I actually ever saw one). I just opened my app and everything was gone one day.

But to respond, yes I want to do the plan in workout order regardless of missed days or other activities. I’m doing mostly outdoor mountain biking right now, and don’t have a power meter on my mountain bikes. Even though my Garmin/Strava rides sync into TR, I am not using the outdoor rides to replace planned TR rides because I don’t want to guess at my TSS. So I’m not using my outdoor rides as part of my training per se. But as it gets into winter I’ll get following a plan and schedule better on TR.

Does that all make sense?

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@jfluke Yes, makes sense. Honestly, the calendar functionality to drag and drop workouts around is really very cool. I don’t recall seeing a prompt to migrate my plan either, I think I was too keen to get to the new goodies. But it wasn’t a problem, I just clicked the start of the week that my plan started on, selected to add TR Plan (the plan I am working through right now) and it added the workouts and matched up my workouts perfectly. I’d give it a go and if you have issues, I’m sure Support will help you out. A messed up calendar (which I suspect is low risk) is no worse than an empty one, right?

Yeah, I think I’ve read that I can add a plan and delete the first few weeks off to get it back to where I should be. I can’t add it by clicking on my actual start date because it is back too far from the numerous missed rides, so that the end date of the plan is later than today. TR will only let me pick a start date that puts the end date at a future date. So it won’t retroactively line up the rides in my case like you are saying, and as others have indicated it should be doing. But I’ll try to add the plan and delete off the front end stuff that I’ve already done so that my coming rides are lined up at least.

The other problem is the forced skip though. Right now I am regularly relying on the ability to miss a day and have the plan just shift forward rather than forcing a skip and having to drag the whole plan forward one ride at a time for the remainder in order to unskip the ride. May just manually pick out the rides according to the plan order rather than add the plan to my calendar just to avoid this until they find a solution for it. In winter I plan to follow a plan better, but right now I’m just using TR to supplement my outdoor riding as needed based on weather and schedule.

Ok, I didn’t realize that you couldn’t add the plan entirely in the past, but I guess that does make sense. I wonder if you could add the plan with an end date in the future and then just move the workouts back. I just tried myself to move a workout that is planned, way back in the past. I could, it worked fine (I moved tomorrows planned workout to appear in my calendar 2 months ago). It was a bit fiddly, but was doable.

K, well I figured out how to add the plan and delete off the weeks I’ve previously completed. I tried dragging them back to the actual days I did them like you suggested, but it just doubles the ride for that day and show that I have one completed and one planned, albeit skipped. So that didn’t accomplish what I was hoping for either. So I added the plan starting today, then deleted off the weeks I’ve done, and pushed the planned rides out a week so that I can just drag the rides to the actual day I go to do it. That way at least the rides are lined up in the order I want them and I’ll get to them when I get to them. Just have an extra step for now until TR finds a solution for people like me.

Click on the ride that you completed, you should be able to associate it with the ride that is planned.

Ah, that did work. But I’d have to go back and put all the completed rides in for several weeks worth one at a time. Think I’ll stick with what I figured out for now. Until they get the plan percentage completed deal back, I’m not very motivated to do that. Ha.

Ok cool, well at least you’re set for now.

This is exactly how I’m doing it. I want to complete the workouts in order but life constraints don’t allow me to follow the schedule exactly and rides, even full weeks get missed and of course the new calendar marks them as skipped. So I’ve pushed the plan back and manually moved the current week down thereafter. :+1::+1:t3:

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Hi, its not that I want to do them out of order, I want to keep to the order I just cant commit to the schedule and so the calendar marks them off as “skipped” when in fact they are just postponed. As I mention above I’m manually shifting the plan now as I go but its a bit of a PITA :relaxed:

Hi, I found the other thread about the calendar with your plans only yesterday, with all the users questions and all, and I was more assured that it will come out all fine. Thank you.

@larry do you have any more insight into this issue that you can share? @Nate…? thx

You can do that on the website by click and dragging them to a future date.

You can’t do this in the apps yet, but we are working on it now.

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@jfluke I’ve been reading your posts and I’m bummed to see how frustrated you are.

Our calendar launch is definitely a feature for a more engaged user who wants to manage their calendar. We understand there’s a large number of users who don’t want to plan anything, they just want to ride, and do the correct ride at the correct time.

I believe we will start to release features for you in the next few months that will make it so you don’t have to use the calendar or plan anything.

I made the decision to “rip the bandaid” off and go towards our new roadmap rather than try to support the old plan way until our new way is fully baked. I made that decision because I thought it would be too much work for the engineers and we’d ultimately wouldn’t launch our new stuff (which will rock) for a lot longer.

I’m sorry for the poor transition, I didn’t think people would be as upset as they are. That’s a good thing as people like what we’ve built, but it’s a bad thing because it means I messed up :frowning_face:.