TECH Bluetooth earphones recommendations

Hi All,

I did notice that there are some old threads on bluetooth earphones/headphones although I wanted to add a new one as those threads are >1 year ago and i’m sure the Tech has changed.

I currently use Bose SoundSport II and I’m now on my third pair as they are frustratingly temperamental - although being rated 5* on amazon and widely considered ‘the best’… I charge them overnight and I turn them on and they only have 30% charge - amazon have offered to replace them for the second time but I would rather get a more reliable pair rather than just go through this all over again and have them drop out 45min into a turbo session!

The problem with looking for alternatives online is that there are so many others also rated very highly! I would really like recommendations from the forum to be sure that I get a pair that can stand up to regular use and high levels of sweat whilst still be comfortable and providing decent sound quality!

I would like to stay with the smaller, ‘in ear’ style pls - my head overheats with anything larger!!

Thanks - recommendations most gratefully welcomed!



I am moving this to the existing thread. I know that one started long ago, but there are recent posts within the last month on it, so it is still relevant. Having lots of separate threads leads to duplication and difficulty for finding results in searches.

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