Sweet Spot Base II - Low & Mid Volume Changes

The updates are listed above, so it’s only 4 workouts that change, so if you’re already through it you might only need to change a few.

There’s no way to instantly click on a button and have it update. :frowning:

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Thanks Nate! Seems easy enough.

According to my calendar there is also a couple of swaps / changes on the weekend of weeks 4 & 5.



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I am three week into SSB1 and was able to just delete the old version of SSB2 and add the new version in less than one minute. Very nice. My congrats on an easy to use and very effective calendar and training system.


I’m not following what’s being said here. Can someone explain?

Sorry, I meant to reply specifically to DanielM’s post

He was just comparing the TSS/IF of workouts from the original plan vs. the new revised plan.

So Huffaker was replaced with Taylor, and on down?

I just updated my plan with all the changes. I was just curious because I just did (and failed) Huffaker this week.

In fact there was an additional iteration between old and new as discussed here:

Maybe that thread was part of chads mind change and that’s why he calls it a “re”-fix.

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Yes, that was discussed here:

Easier Vo2 they say… Shorter intervals they say… BOOOMMM Spencer +2 for a hell of good time!

Just can’t keep yourself off the extra pain button huh @chad ha ha ha

The crazy thing is, people are good at doing that workout, much better than other VO2 workouts. We believe it’s the rest between intervals. There are other VO2 workouts with shorter work periods and shorter rest that people aren’t as compliant in. Or workouts with the same work interval and just a bit less rest and the compliance falls off a cliff.


Are there any changes coming for high volume SS Base?

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I’m guessing if I’m not sure what TSS is that I can happily continue with the old version of SSB mid volume :slight_smile:

Sorry Pbase, I was just listing out the name, TSS, and IF for each workout. My formatting was rubbish so it probably didn’t make much sense.

Ha! No worries. I’m slow, but I got there eventually. :grin:

Came just in time for me, thanks. I was scheduled to start SS mid-volume block 2 next week. Just deleted the one (after making sure the old one really was meaner) and replaced it with the new one.

How do you control for a different kind of rider joining and being non-compliant because of that without knowing their history for a long period of time?

It seems TR is rounding a corner and growing quickly, indoor training is growing, being time crunched is growing…I’d think you’ll naturally gravitate toward the masses vs early joiners being truly race driven with their goals and coming into the program with a racing background to begin with?

Wouldn’t it be more personalized if the software just suggested a lower FTP for individuals not being compliant?