Successful test - TR Workout via Zwift meetup function

One problem right now is if you are late to the start you cannot join but i am sure zwift will update that at some point.


The best way to use zwift. What time zone do you guys play in?

10am est. got it

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I am est and Joe is gmt. @iamholland you?

Pacific. I’m off the bike though, hernia repair. I tried to get on a couple of times but had pain after, and may have hurt myself by trying.


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Ugh. Sounds painful for sure. When you do get back on the 9-11 est window seems to work for you then.

Sent me a zwift fr and I will add you just on case you can join next Sat.

From the where in the world thread, probably two starting 06:00 in PST and GMT would provide the most coverage. No reason we couldn’t do several focussed on local times though if there’s the uptake.

That would work for me.

Interesting idea - I am in Pacific time zone and tend to do early morning workouts before family demands kick in. This means 6:15 to 6:30am PST workouts on the weekend.

Potentially, if there is enough interest I could look at hosting a “group meetup” Zwift ride on Wed mornings at around 5:30am to 6am PST. Typically this is an long Z2 endurance workout for me. Having company as I put in 2 hours on the trainer is always welcome :slight_smile:.

You can find me on Zwift by searching brianv17.


Cool. I can only do 2+ hour rides on the weekends. Most of my rides during the week start around 7-8 pm est.

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Eric, just sent you a FR on Zwift, “Justin MV (Guerrilla Gravity)”. I’ll try to join you guys as I can.

This Saturday I might be fat biking outdoors. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’ve just sent you a zwift follow request

Nice! Just sent a request. I’ll jump in if I’m able.

Perfect. Sent back

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Cool. Sent back

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Excellent thanks. I’ll bring Baxter if I can figure out how to run TR and Zwift in parallel.

Just sent you a message on how i set it up. Youtube video might be easier to watch.

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Bit late to the party but id be interested in this, on GMT . Have a Zwift account but no clue about how to access meet up.