Standard Mode gone?

Re: resistance. It’s like an old scool trainer with a knob. you just crank the percentage. It sucks.

Standard is a non-linear power curve like fluid trainer. Resistance is linear like a mag. Trainer Modes

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Can you post the response to your ticket here?

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Thanks for getting back in touch with us!

Unfortunately, Standard Mode is no longer available over the ANT+ connection method. In order to use Standard Mode on the KICKR, you’ll need to connect the unit via Bluetooth.

The reason for this change is due to the release of something called “ANT+ FE-C”. ANT+ FE-C is the communication protocol that has become a standard protocol for all smart trainers in the industry.

Having industry standards like FE-C allows for trainers and applications to work more seamlessly together, but as you’ve come to find out, the FE-C connection method doesn’t include Standard Mode as a mode option.

In an effort to make sure we’re using the most up-to-date connection method, we’re now using the ANT+ FE-C standard pairing method.

More background information on this:
We’ve been using what we call the “legacy” ANT+ connection method for the KICKR up until a recent update. This is why you’ve had Standard Mode up until this update. Again, we want to use the latest and greatest when it comes to connectivity, so we’re using the ANT+ FE-C connection moving forward.

You are still able to use Resistance Mode over ANT+, which is comparable to Standard Mode with some exceptions, but in order to get back on Standard you’re going to need to connect via Bluetooth.

How to get connected via Bluetooth on Windows:
You’ll need an extra adapter to connect the KICKR over Bluetooth. Although many newer Windows machines have built-in Bluetooth, TrainerRoad requires this specific adapter to connect with Bluetooth devices.

I know it’s a bummer to have to pick up the extra adapter to get connected, especially for this functionality that you had previously. I’m really sorry for the extra hassle around this. :frowning:


Customer Support Lead

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Thanks for hopping in and letting everyone know the update @FargoCharlie!

Just to reiterate, Windows users will need the BLED112 USB stick in order to connect the KICKR via Bluetooth to get Standard Mode. Click on the following link to pick one up: BLED112 USB stick

If anyone else runs into any other issues around this, or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We’ll be happy to help out. :slight_smile:



So I contemplated this answer a little more after this response. It’s not a great answer.

You want us to buy a one off Bluetooth dongle to recover a feature that was just ghosted with no communication.

Why a special dongle? The only answer I can keep coming back to on that one is that its a development dongle which means this whole answer is a workaround that could be deprecated at any time.

I gave the alternative, either ERG or resistance an honest effort yesterday on Striped +1.
It sucked. The ERG lags enough that the intervals are cut short. If you lose even 10rpm on cadence you death spiral and have to zero before continuing. Resistance mode is a joke. It is only good for zeroing out the erg.

Chewing on that effort, and the situation I came up with a better solution.
Install an old version of the code, pre March 1stish. As long as you don’t click the update after the initial install, guess what feature is back and works perfectly fine? STANDARD MODE.

Honestly, I am willing to do a 10s install every morning with old code, versus dealing with just ERG/resistance or buying a development dongle. If I find the time, I’ll probably find a way to disable the auto updates over all. If you look through the logs you either cannot find any value in the notes or it is not relative to the general audience.

No dongle purchased, just a bs troubleshooting session for something that blindsided us. I hope this helps people that are watching this thread.

TR really needs to change their devops cycle in the following ways:

  1. communicate pre change, especially in the off season where people are using potentially every current feature. It’s not awesome to alter someones training in the midst of off season training. Thats 101 shit in devops, don;t affect prod during critical prod cycles.

  2. TR has all this data about what the users are using (trainer types) for example. Is there no way to solicit that crowd to crowd test the potentially experience altering changes?

Wahoo Kickr is a major brand that a lot of serious athletes use. Messing with the fundamental interfacing of that tool and your app should be white gloved. It’s not some Amazon or bkool weird one off hardware.

  1. Slap whoever did this.

  2. Fix your bluetooth stack. Calling for a special dongle that only one vendor sells is suspect. What is so special about power, hr, and cadence data that requires this?Zwift handles all that data just fine. Just sayin…


As i understand, is not that TR had taken Standard Mode, the problem is that the protocol “ANT+ FE-C” does not suport it anymore. Using a old TR version is making you work with a old version of of ANT that soppurts the feature.

Maybe you dont even need the dongle, if you use a windows PC it could be built-in (or not), but in MACs, iphones or android you for sure have it. The dongle is only to give to your device the ability to connect with your trainer via Bluethoot (not “ANT+ FE-C”)

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  • I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea of notification, but what would have changed in the outcome if you had been notified 30 days prior to the change?
  • With literally tens of thousands of users, expecting to somehow time a change like this to “fit into a schedule” is a practical impossibility. People will always be in different stages of their training relative to others. There would be no possible way to make this change in a “perfect” time that would suit everyone.
  • It is possible that they did have people (outside of TR) testing these. Even with that, bugs and other issues will always slip through the cracks. It is a common issue with any level of tech.
  • I have no idea if they did or did not include that type of testing, but there is no way to catch or prevent all issues.
  • Any implication of violence is NOT welcome on this forum, PERIOD.
  • Refrain from repeating this type of comment in the future.

RE: the Fe-c
I understand the claimed implications of Ant+ FE-C. Why not support both? Again, other apps do this with little issue…

RE: the bluetooth dongle.
Yeah you need it. it’s not a common dongle.

  1. Forward knowledge promotes proactive workaround discussions, potential feedback, and likely prevents multiple threads asking what went missing (or at least a linkable reference point)

  2. I don’t really have a comment for this. It’s speculative, but the evidence points to “probably not”

  3. Figure of speech. Please make them sit in the corner and consider the implication of their actions. Also no puddings.

bump. this is a thing again on the current release. back to using old code…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hi there,

This is due to us moving to ANT+ FE-C for Wahoo KICKRs on our latest release. This was necessary to support KICKR cadence, and for various other reasons, but unfortunately ANT+ FE-C does not support standard mode.

If you pair your KICKR via Bluetooth, standard mode should be available. :slight_smile:

I do see your comments from March and, assuming you’re on Windows, we do now support native Bluetooth on Windows 10 so an additional dongle should not be necessary for pairing.

Here’s a link to a thread where people who wont accept this can download old code…again.

I do understand your frustation here and if you are happy using an older version of TrainerRoad to maintain standard mode over ANT+ you’re of course welcome to continue doing so. :slight_smile:

It appears that one of your concerns in March was the need to purchase an additional dongle to continue riding in standard mode on Windows. As I mentioned above, this has since been addressed with our support of native Bluetooth on Windows 10.

I do want to clarify that this isn’t simply us going “back to using old code”; since March, in addition to us releasing entirely new desktop applications, we’ve made quite a few improvements to how we handle ANT+ FE-C for all devices. The release of KICKR cadence was the final push needed for us to move KICKRs over to ANT+ FE-C, as the KICKR specific ANT+ profile did not support the transmission of cadence data.

Since the deprecated KICKR specific ANT+ profile no longer supported all of the KICKR’s features (this was not something that could be changed on our end), and maintaining our support for it was requiring an increasing amount of development resources, a decision had to be made - this decision wasn’t taken lightly.

We were aware that this move would remove standard mode over ANT+, as evidenced by our experiment with moving KICKRs to ANT+ FE-C in March. While we ultimately decided that March wasn’t the time, we have decided that now is the time. It is not likely that standard mode will return for Wahoo KICKRs over ANT+.

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Thanks for the clarification, as I was surprised to see standard mode gone (along with the “calibration” option) last night when I updated.

For me it means I have to figure out if standard mode is something I need to use and if so, I’ll use an older version or do testing with resistance mode to see what level works for me. This might also be a good opportunity for me to try using TR on my windows machine, which plays nicely into other tech related plans.

Thanks as always for the work you and the TR team are doing!!

We appreciate the kind words!

For reference, the calibration option should appear shortly after pairing. The difference is that we now wait to detect and confirm that the device is able to be calibrated before showing the option. :slight_smile:


Does this mean we won’t see that option for the Neo trainer now (since it can’t be calibrated anyway)?

Great addition if so :smiley:

Yep, that’s correct! :slight_smile:

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