Should I train with the air-cond on or off?

My question is should I train indoor (with trainer road of course) with my air-conditioning unit switched on or off?
Which one will i reap the most benefit from?
In my 8 weeks build plan or 6 weeks sweet spot base plan, which is better to reap the most and best benefit? Like fastest improvement?

If i were to switch it on, shall i switch it on to the most lowest/ coldest temperature? Will i improve faster this way?

My local weather/ temperature is around 30++ degrees Celsius on average. I’m from Malaysia where it’s hot n humid.
I plan to do Langkawi Ironman in 2 years time. Langkawi is hot n humid, maybe like Kona. My races here are usually hot n humid.

There can be distinct benefits to training in a hot room. It is good to do, but only in the final couple of weeks before your event.

Generally, train normally with a fan and proper cooling to get maximum payback on your time.


If you are trying to acclimate to certain event conditions go for it. Just remember performance will suffer during training as your body always prioritize temperature management before muscle perfusion and activation. Specially training indoors heat management and “fresh” environment will give you the best result. In the summer here in CA or in AZ when is 40 Celsius or more than 100F I decrease my usual training time. If you are doing the same indoors I would suggest going from 130min to 1hr or if you usually do 1 hr start with 30-40min. Remember to replenish fluids.

It depends on what you want from the workout. If you want to build fitness and get faster then put the aircon on so you can perform the workouts as best you can, then like @mcneese.chad said, use heat training closer to your event so you can acclimatize to the heat.


Keep it switched on

Thanks guys, I thibk I’ve been training wrong then all this while… hahaha… I avoided switching on the air cond all this while but I did have a fan blowing at me, so it isn’t too hot but it’s not cooling either.

So I should be able to reap more benefit if I keep my room as cool as possible when I train for the next 6-8 months only to try to adapt to the heat later on. Meaning within the 6-8 months I should be able to build up my ftp faster with a cool room compared to without cool room.

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