Sharing Custom Workouts

I have made some custom workouts (in the workout creator) that I would like to share with a friend who also uses TR. Is that possible?

Click “Publish” in Workout Creator; search “Custom” in the Workout Library; send friend the workout link. :+1:

I feel kinda bad for polluting TRs library with all my crappy personalised sessions. I don’t know if you can unpublish.

Only works if you have a public profile.

I can’t search and find them. Can only see them when using the link/URL you shared.

When we made the new Disaster workouts, we seemed to need to share them via a Team. Others could see the workout via the web, but weren’t able to actually run the workouts on the app unless they accessed them via the Team function.

Could be a fluke or a misunderstanding on my part, but that seemed to be the way we had to do it.


Great, I have made a team, and invited the friend, so we can share. Thanks !

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To correct my previous post, you need to create a Team and share the workout for someone to use it.

If user has a public profile, they can make a workout visible to others for example Rattlesnate from Captain_Donutman. And using a web browser I can add to calendar, but the TR app will not load the workout.

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