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This is an “unofficial” thread about books and reading material related to training.
I will update as needed to include new and revised information.


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Pretty hard to go wrong by applying the training principles to cycling.

(this one does make use of the faulty “lactate as cause of fatigue” model, but the training and periodization methods drawn from that flawed premise are rock-solid)

this one is the current king. hard to go wrong if you train for cycling the way Magness says an 800m runner should.

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For autobiography books, really enjoyed Allan Piepers, “APiepers tale”. Sean Yates book is also a top read, “it’s not about the bike”.

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I’ve not long finished David Millar’s The Racer – a diary of his final year as a pro:

and am currently reading Full Gas:

I did think it would actually offer tips and tricks, but is really an overview of how race tactics developed over time.


Nutrition section: The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald.

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Hey All,
Just wanted to share a book recommendation. I’m really enjoying Peak by Dr Marc Bubbs. I’m listening to it on audible and the author himself narrates very well. So far he’s covered sleep and gut health (hey @Nate!) in depth and its been fascinating. Happy reading!


Thanks for sharing, added to my reading list.

I’m currently reading The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You by Patrick Mckeown.

Just started implementing the breathing programs he prescribes. I can’t say I’ve noticed any adaptations yet but is only been a few weeks. However, I’m going to keep at it.

The supposed benefits are too good to be true…increased sleep, increased natural production of EPO and red blood cells, improved oxygenation of working muscles, and reduction of lactic acid build up and fatigue. All from simple breathing exercises. Basically a cyclist’s wet dream😜

Would love to hear what @chad has to say about it?!?

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sounds like an interesting read! and with those promises the author is guaranteed to sell many, many book lol

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I am reading “you are the placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza. Super interesting.


Thanks for sharing. Might get it and read it during my normal 1-2 hours that I am awake through the night.

Would love to hear what benefits you see (if any) after a few weeks

Excellent book, @bluescatjm. I highly recommend both it and Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast. There’s also another (two, actually) books with “Peak” in the title that are not quite as on-topic but both worth consideration: Peak Performance by Stulberg & Magness, and Peak by Anders Ericsson.

Also, regarding sleep, perhaps the most interesting book I’ve read recently (in my life, maybe?) on any topic and easily the best resource on sleep: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

And for those interested, here’s my current/recent reading list (about half read, half in progress) since I last shared:

Deep Nutrition - Catherine Shanahan
Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine - Lee Know
Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training - Laursen & Buchheit
Metabolic Autophagy - Slim Land
The Epigenetics Revolution - Nessa Carey
The Athlete’s Clock - Thomas Rowland
Tripping Over the Truth - Travis Christofferson
The Mind-Gut Connection - Emeran Mayer
Neuroplasticity: Your Brain’s Superpower - Philippe Douyon
The Kaufmann Protocol - Sandra Kaufmann
Range - David Epstein
Power, Sex, Suicide - Nick Lane
Rigor Mortis - Richard Harris
The Story of the Human Body - Daniel Lieberman
The Circadian Code - Satchin Panda
Battle Scars - Stuart O’Grady
The Telomere Effect - Elizabeth Blackburn
An Elegant Defense - Matt Richtel
Game Changer - Fergus Connolly
Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unraveled - Mark Sloan
I Contain Multitudes - Ed Yong
Life is a Marathon - Matt Fitzgerald
26 Marathons - Meb Keflezighi
Better - Atul Gawande
40 Years with a Whistle - Dan John
One Way Road - Robbie McEwen
How Not to Die - Michael Greger
French Women Don’t Get Fat - Mirelle Guiliano
The Plant Paradox - Steven Gundry
The Hungry Brain - Stephan Guyenet
The Myth of Stress - Andrew Bernstein


Full disclosure, I struggled with this one, @jrberg. But I don’t at all want to discount it, maybe there’s something there…? A lot about the book made sense, but equal parts lost me.

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Just reading or currently finished by me:

Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training: By Jim Vance
Swim Smooth: By paul Newsom
80/20 Triathlon: By Matt Fitzgerald
80/20 Running: By Matt Fitzgerald
Feed Zone Portables: by Biju Thomas
Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons: By Bryon Powell
Your Best Triathlon: By Joe Friel

I recommend and imagine quite a few have read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.

Not necessarily training but maybe motivational - anyone read Sagan’s book?

If it’s entertainment you’re after, and a fascinating insight into just how bloody hard European bike racing was in the 1950s, then you couldn’t do much better than read this superb little book. Puts everything we do very much into context. We don’t know we’re born.

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I have probably missed some, but I attempted to add the new comments/entries from above. I still need to get links for most of the new entries.


Dr Marc Bubbs book “peak” is so far one of the best books Ive read. Still in the middle of it but I only got it yesterday
Cant put it down!


Thanks for the recommendations! No that the dust has settled with buying a house and moving I hope to get back to training and reading :slight_smile: