Ramp Test Follow-up Workouts

Official TrainerRoad Recommendations from: Ramp Test FAQ

“It’s not required to do a workout after the Ramp Test. But for riders who want to get a little work in, we recommend actively recovering for 10-15 minutes followed by one of these workouts”

60 minutes @ Endurance Zone:

45 minutes @ Endurance Zone:

These are more options for those that want a bit more work afterwards.

45 minutes @ Sweet Spot Zone:

30 minutes @ Sweet Spot Zone:


Hard agree on Carillon -4. That’s my personal favorite after a ramp test. I also really enjoy Carillon itself as a full workout too.


I super dig the Ninja edit with the links, Nate.

I gotta figure that trick out for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus the -5 versions of Carson or Carillon, at 30 min. apiece, to keep the combined ride under 60 min.

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It’s worth noting that when the whole ramp test thing was in its infancy and being discussed on the Slowtwitch forums, Coggan was quite adamant that a ramp test puts your body into a deep and serious stress response. I wouldn’t want to do anything more than a 15-20 min spin at less than 40% FTP afterwards.


Thanks for sharing Chad! Super helpful :metal:

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That’s an interesting twist. Curious to hear the TR coaches on this question. While they did introduce the TR ramp test with talk about it allowing for other workouts after, it’s also noteworthy that now the ramp test is in the actual plans it’s solo on its prescribed days. @Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan?

@dbf an additional workout is a valid option and even encouraged if folks don’t feel the ramp test gave them enough training stress.

It’s always wise to favor a conservative approach though, and after that hard effort, the best approach may be calling it a day after the Ramp Test. YMMV, and this is another one of those “listen to your body” scenarios. :+1:


Also make sure you cool down after your ramp test. Coggan’s comment was spurred by one of our agents saying “We don’t make you cool down” after the ramp test. He thought not having a cool down was not smart at all.

While technically true we don’t hand cuff you to your bike we do guide you through a cool down.

If you think about it, the ramp test is no harder than you often go in races, and you often go that deep multiple times in a race. I think you even go that hard trying to get Strava KOMs :-D.


Totally. Thanks @Jonathan. I’ve done Carson -5 after ramps a few times myself and seemed to handle it OK.

Was mostly responding to notion from @Jayacher above about deep and serious stress state according to Coggan. Sounds perilous!

I dunno how you all do a sweet spot workout after even a ramp test - I’m usually pretty blown. Which is why my favorite workout after ramping is Taku. Adds a little stress and calorie burn to make the test feel perfectly complemented.


Agreed, @sperho. Frankly, if you can do a Sweet Spot workout after a ramp test, I wonder if you truly went as deep as you need to go during the ramp test to get the best estimate of your FTP. I’m sure that a highly conditioned athlete could struggle through and survive some SST work post-ramp-test (and after 15 minutes of easy, easy spinning), but if you go that route and sail through your Sweet Spot intervals, I highly recommend repeating the ramp test and pushing yourself harder.


Some of us are just super strong Chad :smile: .


Based on this info, I will remove the SST workouts I had listed.

Joking aside, kudos to anyone doing more after a ramp test, I’ll be over here trying not to chunder…

Not necessary, @mcneese.chad. Some riders can actually handle it. And it won’t take the others long to discover that they can’t. :wink:


I usually look at what I will be doing next Tuesday, for example say Bashful +1, so VO2 intervals. Then, I pedal easily until minute 30, then I do a 1 hour easy aerobic ride, e.g., Pettit, and then I do a 30 minutes workout that is similar to what I will be facing next Tuesday, in this case Bashful -3.



No additional workout after the ramp test for me. But I’d like to do the LSCT warmup (the original one, with intervals of 4, 4 and 3 minutes long, the current warmup is 6/6/3) to get a sense of how rested I am.

Does that make sense / would it influence the outcome of the test much?

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Personally taku is about the limit of what I can handle after a ramp test!

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Really doubt it, @FryskBloed. Just make sure you do it every time you perform a ramp test.

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