Ramp test and ERG mode

This information is most likely already on this forum somewhere, but I’ll ask anyways. Just got a new smart trainer, signed up for TR and did my first ramp test today. I’m not super familiar with ERG mode but when I did the test I found my cadence would vary dramatically to reach each goal powers on the different steps. At one point I had to be in the low 70’s and the next step I was in the 120’s to reach the target power. I typically sit with my cadence between 90-100 and I found these changes with the ERG mode to throw me off. Is this common? Was there something I was doing wrong? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

Watch this first.

What trainer do you have?

What gearing were you using on your bike?

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Super helpful. Thanks!

Most of it is explained in in that video, but I what you did is a common ERG mode first timer error. The beauty of ERG mode is that you don’t need to think about hitting power numbers. Just keep spinning those legs.

Classical case of chasing the power target with cadence when power is controlled by the trainer. As you found out - you can’t win that chase.

Pick a cadence, hold it. Don’t even look at the power.