Racing in a TrainerRoad Kit

Open post to the entire TrainerRoad Team:

What are the legalities etc. of attempting to enter a race under the TR name/wearing a TR jersey?

I know TR did not openly endorse the WorldWide "Disaster" Day - Dec 15, 2018 but has chimed in on things like Recommended talking points while wearing a TrainerRoad kit and also sells their brand for anyone to wear out on the open road, TrainerRoad Kits are Here! .

Just wondering how this all shakes out…I don’t wanna get sued! :hushed:

Edited to add Nate’s response.

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Good question. I’m also curious about this. I haven’t worn it to any “races” yet because I don’t want people to think I’m sponsored by TR or on an official team or anything like that.

In the UK if you race there are specific regulations about kit. You wouldn’t be able to enter a British Cycling points scoring race in Trainer Road kit. The commisaire would probably insist that you change or stop you from riding, which I’ve seen happen. Some lad tried to race in a trade team kit and was told he couldn’t. I think he managed to borrow some spare from someone so he could start.


yep, same with cycling Ireland. it’s either club colours or blank if you are ‘unattached’

They sell it, you bought it. as long as there are no pre conditions attached to the sale and your race organisers allow it then I can’t imagine there can be any grounds to complain.

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Considering it is kit that anyone can buy, and foreseeably wear at any time, I think you are free to use it whenever you see fit.

I do think there could be an issue, if you chose to list your “team” name or affiliation as “TrainerRoad”. Other than employees, I don’t think the “sponsor” or “support” people in a team-like way. I do think they mentioned that some athletes may have discounted or free memberships, but that falls well short of a common understanding of “teams” in my eyes.

Point being, if you bought the kit, wear it anytime you want;

  • races (see sanctioning body for specific rules),
  • training,
  • brew pub,
  • coffee shop :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Just avoid calling yourself a “team member”.


Any sanctioned event would have to be sponsored by TrainerRoad in any country. You could turn the sponsored jersey inside out ( officials desecration). Same with National jerseys or World Champs jersey also by discipline ( Road, Track, Mountain Bike, Time Trial, etc…)

non sanctioned events you are good to go! Wear it.

If you win we will celebrate you. If you lose will will disavow you. :laughing:

Of course you can race in the kits! Go lay some smack down!


This was what I was wondering. It’s one thing to register as “Independent” but wear a TR jersey, another thing to register as “Team TrainerRoad” (esp in a sanctioned event) simply because TR is a registered corporation. What if you maliciously cause a crash and everyone decides to sue TR because it’s their name on the official docket…???

But if Nate says it’s good to go…

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In most countries participating in any UCI sanctioned race in non-team kit will have commissionaire telling you to change your jersey (bibs usually get a pass). You also can’t just register under the TrainerRoad name for your team without it properly being registered with your provincial/state association, which is what will appear on your UCI race license.

Just to grab some sections from USAC rule book;

1F4. Club Membership
(a) Licensed riders must register with a club and USA Cycling
before they are eligible to present themselves as a member of
that club. This includes, but is not limited to wearing a club’s
jersey or entering a race as a member of the club.

1J5. Jerseys must be worn in all races and shall cover the
shoulders…© Advertising may appear only on the uniform, including
caps, shoes, and helmet of riders who are licensed members
of registered USA Cycling clubs or teams.
(e) Club Jerseys. In competition, no rider shall wear the
emblem, inscription, or uniform of any club or team which the
rider is not eligible to represent


So basically TR kit is wearable only in non-sanctioned races and wearable in sanctioned events but only if TR registers as a club and the rider then registers with said club.

So many rules…hope those TR socks are legal height! :roll_eyes:


I think if it’s Cat 4 you’re free to wear whatever (maybe not pro team jerseys)

Edited to link to this post for context.

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eh, I doubt the average race folks pay much attention or care at lower Cats. I’ve seen a guy at CX races with GCN kit, I doubt this is highly enforced unless one is wearing like pro replicas

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Ummm…I’ve seen shots of whiskey being passed out at CX races…not sure CX is the best example of rule abiding! :laughing:


If no one is registered to this fictional TR club, then wearing a TR kit is illegal straight up in USAC sanctioned events… :sob:

about that dude with the white Pinarello and team sky kit lol

Please don’t provide advice like this - it is up to sanctioning body.

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Tequila is better for during the race. Whiskey should be pre-race. :wink:

Rules are different in the UK. For UK races he is correct. Cat 4 is the lowest Cat in UK and the rules are more relaxed regarding appropriate dress for racing.


Hence the reason it’s very important to state the context (i.e. sanctioning body, location, etc.) so people can accurately judge the applicability to their particular situation.